Best Chief Keef Songs

Updated on April 30, 2024

Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Farrelle Cozart, is an influential figure in the world of hip-hop and rap music.

Chief Keef burst onto the scene with his unique drill music style, characterized by aggressive beats and raw lyrics that reflect the realities of street life in his hometown Chicago.

Over the years, he has built his own fan base and left an indelible mark on the rap industry. From iconic anthems that defined a genre to melodic creations that showcase his versatility, Chief Keef's discography is a treasure trove of hits that have resonated with fans across the globe.

Join us on a journey through his music as we highlight Chief Keef's best songs that cemented his place in the rap pantheon.

1. "Love Sosa" (2012)

Album: Finally Rich

Producer: Young Chop

"Love Sosa", Chief Keef's 2012 drill music masterpiece, boasts a hypnotic beat and his trademark aggressive flow.

On this legendary track, Keef shows off his street cred, taunts his rivals, and pays tribute to his Chicago neighborhood. The catchy hook "These h**s love Sosa" became synonymous with the song and contributed to its enduring popularity.

"Love Sosa" sent shockwaves through the rap scene with its dark, hypnotic beats and Keef's auto-tuned, raspy voice, embodying the raw energy of his signature style.

2. "I Don't Like" (feat. Lil Reese) (2012)

Album: Once Upon a Time in 2012

Producer: Young Chop

"I Don't Like" was a defining moment in Chief Keef's career. It initially dabbled on YouTube before Kanye West's remix went viral with rappers Pusha T, Jadakiss, and Big Sean.

At just 16, Chief Keef used a few words to ignite a new hip-hop movement, critiquing societal flaws and personal grievances. The track with Lil Reese is considered a great hit. It features an energetic beat and relentless lyrics that became the musical blueprint that cemented Chief Keef's leadership in the genre.

Its enduring popularity, platinum status, and star-studded remix showcase Chief Keef's extraordinary talent and insight, even at his young age.

3. "Faneto" (2014)

Album: Back From The Dead 2

Producer: Chief Keef

"Faneto", a rap song by Chief Keef, dropped in 2014 and quickly became a hip-hop anthem.

Its aggressive, energetic beat and great lyrics that reference street life and defiance embody Chief Keef's bold and unapologetic style. The track's title, "Faneto," is synonymous with Keef's raw and intense sound.

Notably, it remained popular until 2019, even earning recognition when Jay-Z incorporated its lyrics into his track "APESHIT".

A fiery, rhythmic production, "Faneto" is a party anthem, even though it's known to incite mayhem and represents an era when rap celebrated street culture and resilience.

4. "3Hunna" (2012)

Album: Finally Rich

Producer: Young Chop

"3Hunna" is a unique standout from Chief Keef's "Finally Rich" album, featuring a notable collaboration with Rick Ross.

Released in 2012, it had an original quality that set it apart even by today's standards. Despite a slightly slower tempo compared to other songs of the time, "3Hunna" retains its infectious hype and continues to be played over a decade later.

While not Chief Keef's most commercially successful track, it certainly holds a significant place in his discography.

5. "Hate Bein' Sober" (feat. 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa) (2012)

Album: Finally Rich

Producer: Young Chop

"Hate Bein' Sober," featuring 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa, is a standout track in Chief Keef's repertoire.

Its popularity, driven in part by its stellar lineup, is also driven by its emotionally charged lyrics, which provide a visual glimpse into Keef's tumultuous life. in 2012 released on his Finally Rich album, the track revolves around Keef's distaste for sobriety, highlighting his preference for substances such as marijuana.

This track cements Keef's position in the 2010s. in the main rap. Emblazoned with similar sentiments about his distaste for sobriety in an infectious club anthem.

6. "Earned It" (2015)

Album: Non-album single

Producer: Johnny Maycash, CBMIX & Young Chop

"Earned It" is one of Chief Keef's standout tracks, released in 2015, although it wasn't part of any specific album.

Co-written by The Weeknd and produced by Chief Keef's longtime collaborator Young Chop. The song's lyrics reflect Keef's confidence and journey to success, featuring references to Barack Obama and Justin Bieber.

With its catchy beat and Keef's tight flows, "Earned It" showcases his versatility as an artist and remains one of his best songs to date.

7. "Kobe" (2012)

Album: Finally Rich

Producer: Young Chop

"Kobe" is a rap song by Chief Keef, released in 2012 as a tribute to the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

The track features a catchy and energetic beat, and Chief Keef raps about his admiration for Kobe's basketball skills and his own success.

The song became popular not only for its tribute to Kobe Bryant but also for its infectious and celebratory vibe. It's one of Chief Keef's notable tracks, showcasing his ability to merge sports and music culture in a catchy and memorable way.

What's remarkable is that Chief Keef created this track when he was just 17 years old, demonstrating his early talent in the music industry.

8. "Hallelujah" (2012)

Album: Finally Rich

Producer: Young Chop

"Hallelujah" stands as one of Chief Keef's finest tracks. It hits hard and sounds like a sonic explosion, showcasing Keef's lyrical prowess.

The entire second verse, where he rhymes the same word eight times, is a remarkable feat of lyricism that not many rappers can achieve.

The combination of robust beats and intricate rhyme schemes makes this track essential listening, especially for those diving into Chief Keef's discography.

It is worth admitting that this song played a decisive role in increasing his popularity and reputation in the rap scene.

9. Uh Uh (Feat. Playboi Carti) (2018)

Album: Mansion Musick

Producer: Pi’erre Bourne

In "Uh Uh," Chief Keef joins forces with Playboi Carti, with production by Pi’erre Bourne.

This isn't their first collaboration. "Uh Uh" showcases Keef's authentic portrayal of street life, further solidifying his influence on the Chicago rap scene.

The track, part of Chief Keef's Mansion Musick project, features boastful lyrics about opulent lifestyles, drug use, and romantic encounters.

The unmistakable Chicago drill sound defines the song, emphasizing Keef's role in elevating the city's rap scene.

10. “Laughin’ To The Bank” (2012)

Album: Finally Rich

Producer: YGOnDaBeat

"Laughin' To The Bank" is a timeless classic released in 2012. It still resonates today with an impressive sound and unblemished praise from Chief Keef.

A cornerstone of Keef's music, this track changed the landscape of hip-hop upon its release. With lyrics focused on flaunting his wealth, particularly his money, it's a perfect introduction to Keef's music for newcomers.

The meaning of the song lies not only in its lyrics but also in its innovative sound. Produced for Keef's debut studio album, Finlight Rich, the mid-tempo beat perfectly complements his menacing and hard-hitting style.

Laughin' To The Bank highlights the importance of wealth and fortune in people's lives and cemented Chief Keef's importance in the rap industry.

In conclusion, Chief Keef's music has left an indelible mark on the rap scene. His ability to authentically reflect street life, combined with his distinctive style and unapologetic lyrics, has garnered him a devoted following.

From iconic tracks like "Love Sosa" and "I Don't Like" to gritty anthems like "Faneto" and "Hate Bein' Sober," Keef's discography continues to resonate with fans old and new.

As we celebrate his contributions to hip-hop, it's clear that Chief Keef's best songs are more than just music—they're a testament to his lasting impact on the genre.

So, whether you're vibing to his classic hits or exploring his newer releases, Chief Keef's music remains a powerful force in the world of rap.