Best Logic Songs

Updated on April 30, 2024

Logic, born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, is a revered icon in hip-hop. He is celebrated for his profound lyrics, compelling narratives, and unwavering authenticity.

With his masterful command of language, Logic captivates audiences, carving a niche in the music industry. His insightful narratives and thought-provoking messages have earned him widespread adoration.

Logic's songs go beyond music, delving into introspective reflections on mental health and offering powerful social commentaries. They serve as profound expressions of the human experience, transcending mere musical notes.

Let's explore Logic's lyrical world, analyzing tracks that deeply resonate with fans worldwide, leaving an enduring impact on their hearts and minds.

1. "1-800-273-8255" (featuring Alessia Cara & Khalid) (2017)

Album: Everybody

Producer: Logic, 6ix

"1-800-273-8255" is a poignant song by Logic featuring Alessia Cara and Khalid. Released in 2017, the song's title is the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Its melancholic beat, created by Logic and 6ix, complements raw, emotional verses. The chorus captures depression's essence. Throughout, the artists urge listeners to seek help, shedding light on mental health struggles.

This track is a powerful social commentary, emphasizing music's ability to address vital issues. It's not just raised awareness; it's instilled hope, uniting souls through shared understanding.

2. “Everyday” (2018)

Album: Bobby Tarantino II

Producer: Marshmello, 6ix (co.)

"Everyday" is a track from Logic's mixtape "Bobby Tarantino II". In this song, Logic reflects on his journey to success and the challenges he faced along the way.

It conveys positive messages about self-love and acceptance, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and hard work. The collaboration with Marshmello adds an extra layer of energy, featuring a pulsing synth melody and a driving drumbeat.

"Everyday" celebrates the grind and hustle necessary for success, making it a motivational powerhouse. With its pop-inspired sound and infectious chorus, the track has become a live show favorite for Logic.

3. "44 More" (2018)

Album: Bobby Tarantino II

Producer: 6ix, Illmind (co.)

"44 More" is a rapid-fire track by Logic, released in 2018. This track showcases Logic's remarkable speed and mastery as an MC, highlighting his intricate wordplay and rhyme schemes.

The song explores success, fame, and the pressures that come with them. It delves into the artist's mental health struggles and the negative impact of social media.

In the chorus, Logic reaffirms his commitment to authenticity despite industry temptations. The track is characterized by its high-energy beats and showcases Logic's exceptional skills as a wordsmith.

4. "Everybody" (2017)

Album: Everybody

Producer: Logic, 6ix, PSTMN

"Everybody" is a song by Logic, released in 2017. Throughout the song, Logic challenges listeners to contemplate race, religion, and social justice, sharing personal battles against discrimination.

Despite his biracial identity's negative impact, he passionately advocates for racial equality in the lyrics. This lead single from Logic's 2018 album acts as a catalyst for positive change, employing music as a medium for empowerment.

It encapsulates his experiences, critiquing societal treatment and making it a standout in his repertoire.

5. “Ballin” (feat. Castro) (2013)

Album: Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever

Producer: Arthur McArthur

"Ballin'" is an energetic hip-hop track by Logic featuring Castro. The song features a lively beat and showcases Logic's confident and boastful style.

In their verses, Logic and Castro deliver confident lines with clever wordplay and pop culture references, addressing success and the determination needed in the music industry.

This energetic hip-hop anthem encapsulates living large, celebrating hard-earned rewards, and enjoying the lavish lifestyle of success.

6. "Gang Related" (2014)

Album: Under Pressure

Producer: 6ix

"Gang Related" is a song by Logic, released in 2014. The track delves into the harsh realities of gang life and its impact on individuals and communities.

The song vividly portrays the struggles faced by youth trapped in gang violence. Produced by Logic and 6ix, it exudes a tense atmosphere with its haunting piano melody and thumping bassline.

In the song, Logic narrates the story of a young man trapped in gang life. He reflects on his own experiences and emphasizes hope in the face of adversity through the chorus: "I know it’s hard sometimes, but just believe".

"Gang Related" is a powerful track that delivers a potent message while carrying a deep emotional impact.

7. “Perfect” (2020)

Album: No Pressure

Producer: 6ix, FnZ, Keanu Beats

"Perfect" from Logic's album "No Pressure" is a heartfelt track where he expresses his love for his wife and son.

Throughout the track, Logic explores the joy of fatherhood and the impact of his own childhood experiences on his relationships. The chorus, where he sings "I don't want a perfect life, I just want a happy one," encapsulates his priorities succinctly.

"Perfect" has quickly become a favorite among Logic's fans, showcasing his poetic lyricism and artistry.

8. “Keanu Reeves” (2019)

Album: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Producer: AG, 6ix

"Keanu Reeves" is a hip-hop track by Logic, released in 2019. Named after the iconic actor, the track references Keanu Reeves' cultural significance.

In the song, Logic cleverly boasts about his success in the music industry, addressing themes of fame and pressure.

The track's upbeat 808s and unique flute elements create a chart-worthy hit that effortlessly landed on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2019.

9. "Homicide" (featuring Eminem) (2019)

Album: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Producer: Bregma, Shroom

"Homicide" is a high-energy rap song by Logic, featuring Eminem. Sampling Jaco Pastorius' "The Chicken", the track blends energetic 808s and snippets from Eminem's classic "My Name Is".

Logic and Eminem deliver lightning-fast verses, showcasing their impeccable wordplay and references. They delve into themes of mental health, addiction, and the pressures of fame. The synergy between Logic and Eminem in "Homicide" is unparalleled, creating an undeniable chemistry.

Their dominance in the rap game is boldly asserted, making this track a standout in both artists' discographies.

10. "Flexicution" (2016)

Album: Bobby Tarantino

Producer: 6ix

"Flexicution" is a high-energy rap track by Logic, released in 2016. The title, a fusion of "flex" and "execution", encapsulates Logic's ability to seamlessly switch styles while maintaining lyrical brilliance.

The term "Flexicution" embodies dominating the game while flexing, a theme recurring in the lyrics. Despite its simplicity, Logic's verses are sharp and genius-filled.

The song concludes with vocals from Jessica Andrea and a falsetto by John Lindahl, providing a perfect ending to an outstanding track.

In summary, our journey through Logic's music has uncovered a wide range of tracks, each providing a distinct lens into life's challenges and victories.

From the introspective depths of "1-800-273-8255" to the high-energy confidence of "Homicide," Logic's discography resonates with fans worldwide.

In honoring Logic's artistry, we recognize him not merely as a rapper, but as a storyteller crafting narratives that resonate with the intricacies of the human journey. His songs are more than music; they are anthems of resilience, empowerment, and self-discovery, making Logic's legacy in the world of music truly unparalleled.