Best Lorde Songs

Updated on April 29, 2024

Lorde, a New Zealand-born singer-songwriter, has redefined the pop music landscape with her unique style and thought-provoking lyrics.

Her beautiful voice and introspective songwriting have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide and earned her widespread critical acclaim throughout her career.

From the chart-topping sensation "Royals" that catapulted her to stardom, to the soul-searching tracks found on "Melodrama", Lorde's musical journey has carved a lasting legacy in the music industry. Join us as we explore some of the best songs from this remarkable artist.

1. "Royals" (2013)

Album: Pure Heroine

Producer: Joel Little

Lorde's smash hit "Royals" made a significant impact on the music scene, topping the Billboard chart for weeks. What captivates listeners is Lorde's fearless lyrics, which challenge societal norms and critique our obsession with wealth and status symbols.

The song sheds light on how those living in luxury often miss out on true happiness. It's a playful critique of celebrity culture, emphasizing that not all desires need to be indulged, as money can't buy happiness.

"Royals" remains a defining track of early 2010s pop culture, highlighting the authenticity and simplicity of life amid a materialistic world. Rolling Stone recognized its impact by ranking it #9 on their 100 Greatest Songs of the Century list in 2018.

2. "Green Light" (2017)

Album: Melodrama

Producer: Lorde, Antonoff, Frank Dukes

Lorde's "Green Light" is a dynamic opener for her album "Melodrama," where she talks about her first major heartbreak, longing for a new beginning, symbolized by the "green light." The song's throbbing drums, energetic keys, and Lorde's powerful vocals create a sense of release similar to that of a fast car ride. It's an irresistible breakup anthem that even Lorde herself favors performing.

In 2017 the release of "Green Light" marked her triumphant return, drawing inspiration from personal heartache and longing. The song earned approval from fans, claiming the top spot on charts in New Zealand and Iceland and securing a place in the top 5 in Australia.

3. "Team" (2013)

Album: Pure Heroine

Producer: Joel Little

Lorde's "Team" is a song that beautifully captures a sense of belonging and youthful liberation, stemming from a dream where teenagers reign free. It's a standout track from her debut album "Pure Heroine," firmly establishing her as an artist to watch.

The lyrics express a desire to break free from society's expectations and find true connections. With its catchy melody and danceable beat, "Team" serves as a reminder that true friendship and acceptance can be found in unexpected places.

Released in 2013, it seamlessly blends teenage angst with dreamy musings, emphasizing that life's possibilities are limitless when you have the right team around you, a sentiment that resonated deeply with Lorde's devoted fans.

4. "Liability" (2017)

Album: Melodrama

Producer: Lorde, Antonoff

In "Liability," Lorde candidly reveals her struggles with fame, grappling with the notion that she may be perceived as a problem rather than a solution. With haunting vocals and intimate lyrics, the song creates an edgy and introspective atmosphere.

This haunting piano-driven ballad from her album "Melodrama" explores internal battles and resonates deeply with anyone who's ever felt like an outsider. Lorde's emotional vocal delivery and introspective lyrics make "Liability" a profoundly personal and relatable song.

5. "Buzzcut Season" (2013)

Album: Pure Heroine

Producer: Joel Little, Ella Yelich O'Connor

Lorde's "Buzzcut Season" from her album Pure Heroine (2013) embraces the nostalgia of summers spent with childhood friends. The song reflects the carefree innocence of youth against the backdrop of a world darkened by a "war-driven way of life".

With its dreamy production and introspective lyrics, "Buzzcut Season" transports listeners to a world where the warmth of summer memories contrasts with the harsh realities of adulthood, offering a profound reflection on the passage of time and the loss of youthful naivety.

6. "Tennis Court" (2013)

Album: Pure Heroine

Producer: Joel Little

"Tennis Court" is an electropop song by Lorde that showcases her signature style. Released as a single from her debut album "Pure Heroine," the song features catchy melodies and lyrics that reflect on youth, fame and the superficiality of modern life.

With its minimalistic production and Lorde's exceptional vocals, the song reflects the essence of teenage rebellion and the desire to break free from society's expectations. It is a song that reinforces her unique presence in the music industry.

"Tennis Court" is a thought-provoking commentary on standing out and owning your own uniqueness, set to a haunting electronic track that highlights Lorde's powerful vocals and introspective songwriting style, establishing her as a distinctive voice in contemporary music.

7. "Ribs" (2013)

Album: Pure Heroine

Producer: Little

Lorde's "Ribs" from her album "Pure Heroine" is a raw confession of her fears, unadorned by metaphors. "Ribs" beautifully captures the pain of aging and yearning for the simplicity of childhood by painting vivid images.

Lorde's connection with the listener is palpable, and despite not being the flashiest debut, it's still a cherished tearjerker among true Lorde fans. Remarkably, she penned this gem at just 16 years old, so it's a powerful testament to her songwriting prowess.

8. "Homemade Dynamite" (2017)

Album: Melodrama

Producer: Lorde, Frank Dukes, Kuk Harrell

"Homemade Dynamite" from Lorde's album "Melodrama" is a high-energy pop anthem celebrating youth, freedom, and living life to the fullest. It paints a vivid picture of wild, joyous house parties with friends, capturing the essence of unforgettable moments spent together.

The song's catchy beat and Lorde's charismatic vocals infuse it with an irresistible energy, encouraging listeners to let loose and embrace the present moment.

9. "400 Lux" (2013)

Album: Pure Heroine

Producer: Little

"400 Lux" is a song by Lorde known for its intimate and introspective lyrics. Featured on her debut album "Pure Heroine," the song paints a picture of two friends or lovers driving around their hometown late at night.

Lorde's storytelling and emotive vocals create a sense of nostalgia and longing, making "400 Lux" a beautifully relatable track about the simplicity and depth of human connections.

10. "The Louvre" (2017)

Album: Melodrama

Producer: Lorde, Antonoff

In Lorde's 2017 song "The Louvre," featured on the album "Melodrama," Lorde poetically compares love to a visit to the renowned art gallery in Paris.

Each romantic encounter is depicted as a unique and exquisite work of art, celebrating the excitement of a new crush, the thrill of falling in love, and the sacrifices and obsessions that come with it. With its upbeat electropop sound, catchy melody, and danceable beat, "The Louvre" captures the exhilaration of a fresh relationship.

This track showcases Lorde's versatility in experimenting with different musical styles and remains a standout on "Melodrama," conveying the sheer delight of new love and inspiring listeners to dance to its infectious rhythm.

11. "Yellow Flicker Beat" (2014)

Album: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Producer: Paul Epworth, Joel Little

"Yellow Flicker Beat" is a song by Lorde, featured on the soundtrack of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1." This track embodies an intense and moody atmosphere, with Lorde's haunting vocals and powerful lyrics.

The song explores themes of rebellion, empowerment, and self-discovery, mirroring the film's narrative. Lorde's songwriting prowess shines through as she masterfully weaves a narrative through her music, making it a compelling anthem of empowerment.

This electrifying electropop anthem, which soared to number two on the US Billboard Hot 100, captures the essence of the film's protagonist, Katniss Everdeen. Widely praised by fans and critics alike, the song remains a standout in Lorde's discography, known for its energetic beats and empowering lyrics.

12. "Perfect Places" (2017)

Album: Melodrama

Producer: Lorde, Jack Antonoff, Andrew Wyatt

"Perfect Places" is a 2017 electronic pop hit from Lorde's album "Melodrama." With its infectious beats and catchy melody, the song explores the complexities of teenage life. Lorde reflects on the challenges and pressures faced by adolescents while they seek their own versions of perfection and happiness.

With an anthemic chorus, the song conveys a powerful message: true satisfaction comes from within, and the pursuit of perfection is a constant journey. Blending elements of electropop, alternative, and indie pop, "Perfect Places" stands out as a relatable anthem within Lorde's critically acclaimed "Melodrama" album.

Throughout a career marked by her authenticity and lyricism, Lorde has consistently sung some of the most memorable songs of our generation. Her ability to capture the essence of youth and self-discovery sets her apart as a true music icon.

Whether it's the groundbreaking success of "Royals," the haunting introspection of "Liability," or the anthemic joy of "Perfect Places," each song in her repertoire contributes to a narrative of growth and artistic evolution.

She defies the boundaries of pop music with each release, and we look forward to her next chapter in this extraordinary musical odyssey.