Best Martin Garrix Songs

Updated on April 29, 2024

Born on May 14, 1996, in Amstelveen, Netherlands, Martijn Gerard Garritsen, better known as Martin Garrix, is a prominent figure in the realm of electronic dance music (EDM).

At a remarkably young age, Martin Garrix's career soared to international stardom. With an unmatched passion for music production and a unique ability to connect with listeners, Garrix has built a sonic legacy that crosses borders and resonates with millions globally.

This article explores Martin Garrix's vibrant world, highlighting his standout creations that have shaped the EDM landscape.

We delve into Martin Garrix's sonic journey, showcasing chart-topping hits and festival anthems. These melodies and beats ignite dance floors and inspire music enthusiasts globally.

1. "Animals" (2013)

Album: Single release

Producer: Martin Garrix

"Animals" catapulted Martin Garrix to EDM stardom, establishing him as a powerhouse in the music scene. Its unforgettable melody and explosive drops made it a global favorite, dominating festivals and clubs.

Garrix’s brilliance lies in his ability to create intense music with minimalist elements, showcasing his mastery. This track, a timeless classic, symbolizes Garrix's rise as a pioneering producer.

At just 17, he ushered in a new dance era, embodying the essence of a festival anthem—bold, infectious, and enduring.

Despite his evolution, "Animals" remains an iconic testament to Garrix’s enduring impact on EDM, capturing hearts worldwide.

2. "Scared to Be Lonely" (with Dua Lipa) (2017)

Album: Single release

Producer: Martin Garrix, Giorgio Tuinfort, Valley Girl, Lorna Blackwood

"Scared to Be Lonely," released in 2017, is a collaboration between Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa. The song explores the fear of loneliness in relationships, featuring emotive lyrics and a blend of electronic and pop elements.

The warm future bass vibes and minimal percussion of the track provide an ideal backdrop, allowing Dua Lipa's soulful vocals to shine.

This collaboration seamlessly merges Garrix's pop-ready production with Lipa's heartfelt singing, resulting in a melancholic yet soaring chorus that evokes profound emotions.

The song showcases another facet of Garrix's production skills that deeply resonates with electronic music enthusiasts.

3. "In the Name of Love" (with Bebe Rexha) (2016)

Album: Single release

Producer: Martin Garrix, Matt Rad, Steve James, Simon Says, DJ Isis

"In the Name of Love", released in 2016, is a collaboration between Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha.

Rexha's emotive vocals seamlessly merge with Garrix's subtle and powerful production, showcasing his evolving style influenced by artists like Flume. The anthemic chorus creates spine-tingling sensations, skillfully blending Garrix's unique sound with Rexha's powerful delivery.

The result is a vibrant and soulful masterpiece. This collaboration highlights Garrix's versatility, captivating diverse audiences worldwide.

This marked Garrix's return to the Billboard Hot 100 since "Animals", highlighting his talent for creating hits that resonate deeply with diverse music lovers.

4. "There for You" (with Troye Sivan) (2017)

Album: Single release

Producer: Martin Garrix, Cook Classics, Bart Schoudel

Released in 2017, "There for You" is a collaborative track by Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan. This track reveals a softer, more emotional side of Garrix's production, wrapped in a dreamy, atmospheric ambiance that harmonizes seamlessly with Sivan's emotive vocals. 

The minimalistic drop emphasizes Sivan's voice. Its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics make it a fan favorite. 

This collaboration showcases a new aspect of Garrix's production skills, providing a must-listen experience for every electronic music enthusiast.

5. "Ocean" (with Khalid) (2018)

Album: Single release

Producer: Martin Garrix, Giorgio Tuinfort

In 2018, Garrix collaborated with Khalid on the captivating track "Ocean".

With soulful vocals and enchanting melodies, the song immerses listeners in an emotional exploration of relationship complexities.

It reflects Garrix's artistic evolution, blending electronic and pop elements seamlessly while retaining his distinctive energy. "Ocean" showcases the artists' ability to craft a compelling fusion of genres, delivering a mesmerizing musical masterpiece.

6. "No Sleep" (feat. Bonn) (2019)

Album: Single release

Producer: Martin Garrix

In collaboration with Bonn, "No Sleep" showcases Garrix's expertise in crafting irresistible tunes tailored for late-night dance sessions.

The track seamlessly blends catchy melodies and energetic drops, crafting an infectious vibe that captivates listeners. Bonn's velvety vocals harmonize seamlessly with the high-energy production, establishing it as an anthem for the dance floor.

The lyrics focus on staying up all night and embracing life's moments, embodying the carefree and exhilarating essence of a night out.

7. "High on Life" (feat. Bonn) (2018)

Album: Single release

Producer: Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko, Giorgio Tuinfort

Collaborating with singer-songwriter Bonn in 2018, Garrix created the euphoric anthem "High on Life".

This track showcases Garrix's ability to infuse his music with positivity and unity, embodying the essence of joy and celebration. The song urges listeners to embrace the present and appreciate life's joy, emphasizing the importance of living fully.

Bona's vocals blend seamlessly with the upbeat track, creating an atmosphere of optimism and celebration.

8. “Gold Skies” (with Sander Van Doorn, DVBBS and Aleesia) (2014)

Album: Gold Skies (EP)

Producer: Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS, Aleesia

"Gold Skies" is a collaborative masterpiece released in 2014, bringing together the talents of Martin Garrix, Sander Van Doorn, DVBBS, and Aleesia.

This track merges Aleesia's potent vocals with Garrix's distinctive sound, crafting an emotional atmosphere that crescendos into a powerful drop.

The song's breakdown introduces a dreamy touch courtesy of Sander Van Doorn, enhancing its emotional impact.

Known for its vibrant and energetic blend of melodic and progressive house elements, "Gold Skies" has become a festival favorite, capable of igniting any crowd. 

9. "Don't Look Down" (feat. Usher) (2015)

Album: Single release

Producer: Martin Garrix

"Don't Look Down", released in 2015, is a vibrant collaboration between Martin Garrix and American singer Usher.

Usher's soulful voice adds depth to the bright and hopeful summer vibe, encouraging listeners to embrace fearlessness and live in the moment.

As the massive drums kick in during the chorus, the song inspires crowds to reach for the stars. "Don't Look Down" effortlessly combines Garrix's distinctive style with Usher's vocal prowess.

10. “Forbidden Voices” (2015)

Album: Single release

Producer: Martin Garrix

"Forbidden Voices," released in 2015, is a progressive house track by Martin Garrix that embodies the positive and uplifting essence of electronic dance music.

The song effortlessly fuses Garrix's distinctive sound with uplifting chords, forming an irresistible charm on the dance floor. Its title, "Forbidden Voices," hints at mystery and hidden emotions.

Both stylistically and metaphorically, the track symbolizes Garrix's exceptional growth and accomplishments, making it a favorite among electronic music enthusiasts.

11. "Wizard" (with Jay Hardway) (2013)

Album: Single release

Producer: Martin Garrix, Jay Hardway

"Wizard," released in 2013, is a dynamic EDM track by Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway.

With its playful yet intense melody, "Wizard" swiftly intensifies, culminating in an explosive drop marked by a powerful bassline and electrifying synths that set dance floors on fire.

"Wizard" played a crucial role in solidifying Garrix's industry reputation, showcasing his talent for creating electrifying tunes that deeply connect with EDM enthusiasts.

In conclusion, exploring the best Martin Garrix songs has been a journey through the evolution of electronic dance music.

From his early breakthrough with "Animals" to the emotional depth of tracks like "Ocean" and "High on Life", Garrix has consistently pushed the boundaries of his craft. His collaborations with talented artists and his ability to create infectious melodies have solidified his place in the EDM pantheon.

As we honor his varied discography, it's clear that Martin Garrix's impact on the genre will endure, shaping the future of electronic music for years to come.