The Rise of Phonk - The 25 Best Phonk Songs

Updated on April 29, 2024

Phonk, a genre of electronic music, emerged in the early 2010s. It is characterized by its dark, gritty sound and extensive use of chopped and screwed hip-hop beats. The genre, also known as "memphis rap" or "drift phonk," draws inspiration from 1990s Memphis rap artists.

It combines their lo-fi, slowed-down beats with modern electronic and trap music elements. Phonk is often categorized as a subgenre of trap, yet it distinguishes itself through its utilization of slowed-down samples, dark melodies, and heavy basslines.

While the genre remains underground, phonk has garnered a cult following during the past decade. The hazy, psychedelic beats create a unique atmosphere, often accompanied by lyrics touching on themes of violence, drugs, and struggle.

Nevertheless, there are also numerous outstanding instrumental phonk tracks ideal for nighttime city drives. Here, we present 25 of the best and most influential phonk songs that every fan should be familiar with.

1. "Automotivo Bibi Fogosa" by Baby Bibi, DJ Brunin XM, and KZA Produções

This track should be the perfect addition to your phonk playlist. After its 2023 release, it quickly gained popularity in Brazil and other countries. A woman named Bibi, who is attractive and sexy, is the focus of the song.

The song conveys a message of enjoyment and success, and its lyrics exude joy and seduction. This song possesses all the qualities of a great phunk song, including a catchy melody, an energetic tempo, and lyrics that are captivating and amusing. It will undoubtedly get you up and moving. 


This track has a mood of dread and tension. It has a simple beat, yet it exudes power and energy. The drumbeats propel the song forward, while the distorted bassline infuses it with energy and adrenaline.

It's melody is simple but powerful, repeatedly mesmerizing listeners and capturing their attention. Because it embodies the tone and style of the genre, you should consider adding this song to your phonk playlist.

3. "Close Eyes" by DVRST

This phonk song is distinguished by its slow, heavy tempo and ominous, atmospheric mood. It begins with a simple piano melody, and quickly introduces aggressive drums and a distorted bass line.

Minimalist haunting vocals contribute to the song's sense of dread. If you're not familiar with phonk music, we suggest you listen to Close Eyes by DVRST. It is a great example of the genre and is sure to get you hooked.


This track blends Brazilian funk and phonk music into a fusion. It exudes a laid-back, party vibe with a catchy melody and a driving beat. The melody, simple yet effective, features a repetitive synth hook that sticks in your head.

The beat is syncopated and funky, boasting a heavy bassline that compels you to dance. This fusion is a unique and innovative one, as it combines the catchy melodies and danceable rhythms of Brazilian funk with the dark, minimalist soundscapes of phonk music.

The outcome is a genre-bending track that will undoubtedly get you moving. If you're a fan of phonk music, then you'll definitely appreciate this track.

5. "vendetta!" by MUPP, Sadfriendd

This track serves as a prime example of the recent surge in energetic, punk-infused phonk emerging from Russia. Its raw, rebellious energy earns it a spot on any phonk playlist. The vibe of this song is notably riotous and chaotic. The production combines distorted 808 bass and erratic percussion with aggressive electric guitar riffs.

As the title suggests, it exudes a vindictive, vengeance-driven aura. This recent track demonstrates how Russian phonk producers are reinventing the genre by blending it with punk, hardcore, and metal influences. MUPP has been leading the way in this "rebel bass" subgenre of phonk that channels angst and frustration sonically.

If you want to elevate your phonk playlist with some confrontationally raw tracks, "vendetta!" delivers the anarchic, hard-hitting sound that the new generation of Russian phonkers is perfecting. It's a crafted chaos that keeps phonk fresh and forward-thinking.

6. "SUICIDE YEAR" by WEEDMANE, Suicide year

The track captures the vibe of phonk music perfectly, being moody and ethereal. The song's vibe conveys a sense of gloom and despair, as it examines the pointlessness of living and the certainty of death through its lyrics. Its melody, though simple, exudes strength with its droning, sluggish pace that evokes anxiety.

The strong and distorted beat further enhances the song's dark and depressing tone. Also, the ominous and mysterious sound sets the tone for a stormy night or a late-night journey. It's the ideal choice for anyone interested in exploring the darker side of life, as its lyrics are both insightful and thoughtful.

7. "Mexican Phonk Eki" by NUEKI, TOLCHONOV

"Mexican Phonk Eki" is a dark, gritty, and atmospheric track that melds Mexican folk music with hip-hop and trap elements. This track exudes a vibe of danger and excitement, featuring a driving beat and ominous synths that generate a sense of suspense.

The melody, simple yet effective, includes a catchy hook that will linger in your mind long after you've experienced the track. It stands as a testament to the creativity and diversity within the phonk scene. If you're in search of something new to listen to, we enthusiastically suggest you give it a listen.


RXDXVIL from Ukraine, John Bis.T from Russia, and DJ FKU from Finland all contributed to the 2023 release of this phonk single. The atmosphere in the track is gloomy and grim. Despite its simplicity and repetition, the melody effectively builds suspense and tension. The beat remains steady and substantial, thanks to a persistent bassline that keeps the listener moving.

This song is a top-notch choice whenever you need a boost of motivation or euphoria. If you're looking to incorporate a gritty, dark phonk tune into your playlist, MTG is an excellent option.


This song is a perfect illustration of the hard-hitting, bass-heavy side of modern phonk. With its ominous atmosphere and aggressive energy, it rightfully earns a spot on any phonk playlist. The vibe it exudes is distinctly menacing and nihilistic. Punishing distorted bass and distorted vocals combine to create an almost evil energy.

The distorted shrieks sample metal music, giving it a darker and more confrontational edge compared to most phonk tracks. Music producers pair this demonic beat with violent bars and a vitriolic delivery.

Their lyrics vividly depict murder and darkness, providing a shot of hardcore aggression that balances out any phonk playlist. This fusion of metal-meets-Memphis sound showcases how producers are constantly deconstructing phonk and shaping it into new forms. The sheer brutality of the track makes it irresistibly menacing.

10. "JUDAS" by SAY3AM

Released in 2023, this song carries a menacing and unsettling atmosphere due to its use of low-pitched synths, distorted guitars, and menacing vocals. The song exudes a gloomy and hostile vibe, which the strong and disrupted beat further enhances.

If you're looking for a phonk track to get your blood pumping, "Judas" is the ideal choice. It sets the perfect mood for any party or gathering with its ominous and atmospheric vibe. Additionally, the song's catchy melody and heavy beat will make it impossible to sit still.

11. "Automotivo Blindado" - DJ Rossini ZS, MC Zudo Boladão, DJ Menor da Z.O, MC LUIS DO GRAU

This song effectively represents Brazilian phonk. It delivers a classic hard-hitting phonk sound with its powerful distorted bass and chopped and screwed vocal samples. Moreover, it incorporates funkier Brazilian rhythms and percussion. The Portuguese-language lyrics contribute to giving the music a truly Brazilian feel. The artists rap vehemently over the beat, discussing their involvement in a criminal life and asserting their toughness on the streets.

It's deeper tone of phonk wonderfully complements this gritty street perspective. "Automotivo Blindado" showcases how Brazilian artists are pushing the boundaries of phonk, blending regional flavor into the genre's recognizable gritty sound. The track's raw energy and authenticity is what makes it a must-add to any open-minded phonk playlist.

12. "NEON BLADE" by MoonDeity

Ukrainian electronic music producer MoonDeity released this song in 2022. He fused phonk, trap, and synthwave to create a dark and atmospheric soundscape. The opening synth riff establishes the tone for the entire song, generating a sense of urgency and excitement.

The drums hit hard and drive the rhythm, while the bassline maintains a low and menacing presence. Additionally, smooth and sultry vocals contribute to the overall sensuality of the song. You should include NEON BLADE on your phonk playlist because it's a popular track that is sure to be appreciated by fellow phonk enthusiasts.

13. "Disaster" by KSLV Noh

This phonk track stands out for its eerie melody and heavy bassline. It kicks off with a slow, suspenseful intro that gradually builds up to a drop featuring heavy bass and distorted synths. The melody, though simple, proves power with a few repeating notes that evoke a sense of unease. The overall soundscape creates an oppressive and claustrophobic atmosphere, instilling feelings of dread and anxiety. Released in 2021, this track has gained popularity and become a staple in phonk playlists. It perfectly exemplifies the genre's dark and gritty sound, guaranteed to make your head nod and your heart race.


PRXSXNT FXTURE, a Russian producer who embarked on his music-making journey in 2019, released this phonk song in 2021. This track marked one of his initial releases, rapidly gaining popularity as a phonk hit. It has garnered over 60 million streams on Spotify and found its place on numerous phonk playlists.

With a dark and atmospheric vibe, characterized by a heavy bassline and a slowed-down tempo, the song sets the mood. Its melody, though simple, is undeniably catchy, and the beat is tailor-made for cruising down the highway or smoothly drifting around corners. This song encompasses all the essential elements of a great phonk track, ensuring it will put you in the mood for cruising or drifting.


This track, inspired by vintage Memphis rap, should find a place on any old-school leaning phonk playlist. It faithfully captures the original essence of the genre, emanating a distinct underground vibe. The production maintains a lo-fi and minimal approach, featuring crunchy drums, filtered soul vocal samples, and a foreboding synth bass. It successfully emulates the murky, late-night sound reminiscent of Memphis cassette tapes from the 90s.

COWBELL DYNASTY is clearly paying homage to phonk's roots here. While many modern phonk tracks tend to expand into psychedelic territory, "NIGHT PHONK" remains stripped back and true to the early style. This could serve as a refreshing addition to your playlist and help you discover new music.

16. "Ultimate" by Denzel Curry

Early in his career, Denzel Curry incorporated plenty of phonk influences into his music. On "Ultimate," his rapid-fire, aggressive flow seamlessly fits over the menacing, crawling phonk beat. Curry released the song in 2015 as the lead single from his third studio album, "32 Zel".

It swiftly gained popularity among fans and received acclaim for its catchy melody, hard-hitting beat, and empowering lyrics. This song played a pivotal role in bringing the genre's energy to a mainstream audience. If you're in search of a track to add to your phonk playlist, "Ultimate" by Denzel Curry is an excellent choice. It's a positive and energetic song with a catchy melody and a hard-hitting beat.


"MONTAGEM" is a perfect example of how modern artists are pushing phonk forward. The track was released in 2023, and since then, it has gained popularity among phonk fans, even garnering over 120 million plays on Spotify. It's a perfect song for your phonk playlist because it encapsulates everything that is great about the genre.

It's dark, gritty, atmospheric, and catchy. If you're a fan of phonk music, you have to have MONTAGEM on your playlist.

18. "Different Places" - Fifty Grand, optic core, TOKYOPILL

In 2022, the phonk song titled "Different Places'' emerged, initially released as a solo track by Fifty Grand. It quickly attracted the attention of the phonk community. That same year, TOKYOPILL and Optic Core remixed it, which made it even more popular.

The song exudes a dark, atmospheric mood, characterized by a slow, melancholic melody and a heavy, distorted beat. Its lyrics delve into the feeling of disconnection from the world and oneself, exploring the search for connection and meaning.

If you're a phonk music enthusiast, "Different Places" is a must-have on your playlist.

19. "Invisible" by Yung Sherman, Bladee, Uli K

This song is included in 2017 album Innocence v2. It is a slow, atmospheric track with a dark, dreamy vibe. The melody is simple and repetitive, with a slight melancholic quality. The beat is also slow and minimalist, with a pulsing synth line and a driving drum beat.

The song's history is closely tied to the Swedish music collective Drain Gang, of which Yung Sherman, Bladee, and Uli K are all members. Drain Gang is known for their experimental, lo-fi take on hip-hop, and Invisible is a prime example of their sound.

The song has been praised by critics for its unique atmosphere and its ability to evoke a sense of alienation and isolation. Let this wavey beat wash over you.

20. "Murder In My Mind" by Kordhell

This dark and aggressive phonk track features a heavy, distorted bassline and a menacing melody. The vocals undergo heavy autotuning and distortion, contributing to the track's overall sense of unease. Additionally, the drums pack a punch, and the bassline rumbles, forming a driving soundscape that is perfect for getting pumped up.

"Murder In My Mind" exemplifies the classic phonk sound, and adding it to your playlist will help create a dark and atmospheric listening experience.


This dark and aggressive phonk track features a hard-hitting beat and menacing vocals. The song exudes an atmosphere of anger, frustration, and nihilism, with the lyrics conveying a profound sense of hopelessness and despair.

The melody, while simple and repetitive, effectively generates a feeling of tension and unease.

Also, the beat relentlessly propels the track forward, heavily utilizing distortion and reverb to instill a sense of chaos and disorder. The track's vibe stays true to roots while revealing enticing new dimensions.

22. "RIP Yams" by Spaceghostpurrp, A$AP Rocky

With "RIP Yams", the godfather of phonk Spaceghostpurrp pays tribute to A$AP Yams with a vintage beat. He fondly remembers his late friend by layering choppy soul samples underneath rattling percussion. SpaceGhostPurrp released the song in 2017, two years after Yams' death. The track marked a collaboration between SpaceGhostPurrp and A$AP Rocky, who shared a close friendship with Yams.

Critics received the song enthusiastically, praising its emotional impact and heartfelt tribute to Yams. The slow tempo of the music instills a sense of eeriness and suspense, while the dark, atmospheric production creates a sense of dread. It is an excellent display of Purrp's ability to set the mood and pay homage to a lost legend.

23. "PHONKGASKAR" by Rushex, Jolixwery

In 2023, Turkish producer Rushex and Russian producer Jolixwery collaborated to release "PHONKGASKAR." The song features a simple yet captivating melody, highlighted by a repetitive minor-key riff layered with eerie sound effects and samples. The rhythm, marked by a robust bassline and sharp hi-hats, exudes a heavy and distorted quality.

This combination of melody and rhythm gives rise to a dark and atmospheric soundscape that seamlessly complements the song's lyrics. If you're looking for a new phonk song to add to your playlist, then PHONKGASKAR is definitely a good choice

24. "GHOST!" by, KIIXSHI

"GHOST!" stands out as a recent phonk track that should earn a spot on any playlist. This song boasts a distinctly eerie and psychedelic vibe.

The chopped and screwed vocal samples give off an almost supernatural aura, with a reverb-drenched falsetto drifting over the hazy beat.

Drippy synth melodies and rattling hi-hats contribute to a late-night, codeine-fueled atmosphere. Including "GHOST!" at the top of any phonk playlist is well-deserved because it demonstrates the genre's sonic expansion into new territory while preserving the core essence of phonk's hypnotic late-night flavor. 


To close out our list, ITSOKTOCRY introduces the emo-infused style of phonk that has been emerging from the underground recently. This fusion of phonk's signature darkness with emo's sensitivity adds refreshing emotional diversity to any phonk playlist.

Weepy guitar melodies gracefully overlay hard-hitting 808s and atmospheric vocal samples. The interplay between toughness and tenderness generates an intriguingly cathartic energy. POP, LOCK & DROPDEAD deserves a place on any phonk playlist because it injects a dose of emotional vulnerability that's often absent from most tracks. 

With its distinct lofi, psychedelic sound that immerses listeners in a hypnotic late-night vibe, phonk has established a unique lane in the hip-hop and electronic genres. These 25 tracks showcase the diversity of styles and influences that contribute to the fascination of phonk.

As artists persistently propel the genre forward while paying homage to its Memphis roots, the future of phonk appears promising. So, light up some incense, play these classic tracks, and immerse yourself in the hazy world of phonk music.