Best 25 Songs for Pole Dancing

Updated on May 1, 2024

A good playlist is important for a great pole dancing experience. The songs you choose can make your performance more energetic, fun, and exciting.

1. "Pony" by Ginuwine

"Pony" was released in 1996, around the time pole dancing was becoming an art form. 

Its slinky beat and suggestive lyrics make it a popular choice for pole dancing routines. 

Its slow tempo is perfect for pole dancing, allowing dancers to show off their flexibility and strength with sensual hip circles, climbs, and upside-down poses to its hypnotic beats.

Also, its lyrics capture the steamy, liberated spirit of pole dancing.

2. "Earned It" by The Weeknd

The Weeknd's moody hit "Earned It," featured on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, provides a darkly cinematic and romantic vibe ideal for a dramatic pole routine. 

His airy voice and dreamy beats build excitement.

The lyrics of the song describe how someone passionately tries to win their lover's affection through gentle and sensual touch and movement.

Also, for Twitter users this song is their first option for a pole dancing routine.

This shows that the song fits perfectly with how pole dancers gain sensuality through rigorous training.

3. "Partition" by Beyoncé

Beyoncé's sultry pop song "Partition" is a powerful anthem for women to embrace their confidence and sexuality. 

It has a Middle Eastern vibe with subtle electronic beats, which creates a perfect atmosphere for pole dancing. 

Beyoncé's breathy vocals alternate between soft intimacy and bold lines.

Performing pole work to "Partition" is an empowering statement routine. 

You can execute tricky pole spins, climbs, and floor flowing while channeling its lyrics. 

4. "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye's classic song "Sexual Healing" is a perfect soundtrack for pole dancing.

The song's smooth melody and Gaye's velvety vocals create a sensual atmosphere.

It shows how pole dancing can be a therapeutic and cathartic experience.

The song's mid tempo groove gives dancers plenty of time to perform sweeping leg hooks, hip circles, and other flexibility poses.

5. "S&M" by Rihanna

Rihanna's song "S&M" is a sexy and provocative song that is perfect for pole dancing.

It has a catchy beat, seductive lyrics, and powerful vocals. 

Also, the electronic dance music production perfectly complements Rihanna's voice, creating a dark and wild atmosphere.

Pole dancers often use this song for their performances and videos. 

It is a good choice for dancers who want to show their rebellious and passionate side.

6. "Buttons" by The Pussycat Dolls

"Buttons" is a popular song by The Pussycat Dolls. It was released in 2005 and quickly became a hit. 

The song is perfect for a pole dancing playlist because it is sensual and empowering. 

It has a mix of R&B, pop, and hip-hop sounds. It has a strong bassline, handclaps, and synths. 

This makes it a good song for pole dancing routines. It is upbeat and can inspire dancers.

7. "Slow Motion" by Trey Songz

"Slow Motion" has a smooth and sexy vibe that is perfect for pole dancing.

It peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and it became Trey Songz's first top 40 hit as a solo artist.

Its lyrics are romantic and passionate, adding an emotional depth to your pole dancing routine. 

The melody is smooth and sensuous, perfectly complementing the sensual and expressive nature of pole dancing.

8. "I See Red" by Everybody Loves An Outlaw

Its infectious hooks and energetic instrumentation create an exciting and empowering performance, making it a great choice for high-energy pole routines.

The song's upbeat tempo and driving rhythm provide a solid foundation for energetic and acrobatic pole dancing moves. 

The pulsating beats and rhythmic patterns will synchronize  with your dynamic spins, inversions, and transitions, enhancing the overall impact of your performance.

9. "River" by Bishop Briggs

"River" by Bishop Briggs is a strong and moving song that can make your pole dancing playlist more interesting and deep.

Its melody is beautiful and mysterious, and it catches your attention right away. 

The soulful vocals and the exciting instruments make the song feel urgent and passionate, making it a great choice for showing your raw emotions in your routines.

The steady tempo keeps your movements in sync with the music, making your performance look more impressive.

10. "White Room" by Cream

"White Room" by Cream is a classic rock song with a complex melody, psychedelic elements, and meaningful lyrics.

The melody is beautiful and intricate, with memorable guitar riffs and catchy hooks. 

Also, it has smoothly changes between soft, dreamy parts and loud, energetic parts, giving you a variety of moods to choose from for your pole dancing routines. 

Its rhythm patterns are exciting and interesting, with changes in speed and intensity. 

The versatile rhythm lets you do a wide range of moves, from slow and sensual to fast and acrobatic. 

11. "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac

"The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac is a rock song that is known for its bassline, harmonies, and strong emotions.

The song has beautiful vocal harmonies and instruments playing together, which creates a rich and layered sound that can make your pole dancing routine better.

Its strong rhythm and steady beat make it a good foundation for different pole dancing movements. 

Whether you like slower, controlled sequences or more energetic spins and inversions, the rhythmic structure of "The Chain" can support your performance and make your movements look better.

12. "American Woman" by The Guess Who

"American Woman" was released in 1970 and became The Guess Who's most successful single, reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The song's mix of bluesy rock elements and catchy hooks will keep your audience engaged throughout your performance.

Its upbeat tempo and steady beat encourage high-energy spins, flips, and inversions, allowing you to show your agility and strength.

The song's popularity led to many cover versions by different artists, including Lenny Kravitz, who had a hit with his rendition in 1999. 

13. "Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie

"Living Dead Girl" was released in 1998. It is known for its mix of heavy metal and industrial rock.

Its melody is intense and atmospheric, with heavy guitar riffs, electronic sounds, and catchy hooks.

It has a fast tempo and rhythmic complexities that allow for dynamic spins and dramatic drops.

The lyrics evoke themes of change, darkness, and sensuality. 

Incorporating this song into your performance can allow you to explore unusual ideas and push the boundaries of your pole dancing artistry.

14. "Terrible Lie" by Nine Inch Nails

"Terrible Lie" was released in 1989 on Nine Inch Nails' debut album "Pretty Hate Machine" and helped establish the band's unique sound and dark lyrical themes.

This song's ambiance and harsh sound can create a dark and introspective mood for your pole dancing routines.

Its lyrics explore deception, self-doubt, and disillusionment. 

While you are performing it, you can convey a sense of inner struggle and vulnerability.

This allows your pole dancing to serve as a cathartic expression of your emotions and experiences.

15. "Monkey Business" by Skid Row

Monkey Business by Skid Row is a fast-paced rock song that is full of energy and rebellious fun.

The song's upbeat and anthemic nature makes it a great choice for pole dancing routines that show off your wild and rebellious side.

The high tempo and infectious rhythm will inspire you to spin quickly, move between moves smoothly, and do explosive aerial tricks. 

This song lets you let loose and show off your skills.

16. "Heavy Roller" by Stomper

Heavy Roller by Stomper is a fast-paced alternative song that can make your pole dancing playlist more fun and energetic.

It has a fast tempo and beats which are perfect for high-energy pole dancing moves.

The lyrics are confident, swaggering, and empowering. 

The song's lively and upbeat instrumentation, combined with the vocals, create a unique and exciting ambiance for your pole dancing routines.

17. "Cocoa Hooves" by Glass Animals

"Cocoa Hooves" by Glass Animals is a dreamy and mysterious song that can add a touch of sensuality and intrigue to your pole dancing playlist.

The melody of this song is like a dream, floating and ethereal.

It has haunting vocals, layered instruments, and atmospheric sounds that create a captivating and immersive ambiance.

This track can enhance the sensual and artistic aspects of your pole dancing routines.

18. "Nasty" by Ariana Grande

Nasty by Ariana Grande is a soft and powerful pop song that can make your pole dancing playlist more playful and confident.

The tune of Nasty is catchy and upbeat, with infectious hooks and Ariana Grande's signature singing style. 

Its lively instruments, including vibrant synths and rhythmic beats, create an energetic and exciting backdrop for your pole dancing routines.

Its lyrics are full of confidence, self-assurance, and a celebration of personal empowerment. 

Also, some Twitter users consider this song a standout addition to pole dancing. 

The playful and empowering nature of the lyrics will enhance the overall impact of your performance.

19. "Go" by Chemical Brothers

"Go" has a strong beat, catchy synthesizer sounds, and different electronic elements. 

The song's driving and energetic music makes you feel excited and looking forward to the next part. 

This song sets the stage for visually appealing pole dancing performances.

Its fast tempo and powerful beats are perfect for showing powerful and acrobatic pole dancing moves. 

It has been used in many commercials, movies, and sporting events. 

20. "My Own Dance" by Kesha

Kesha's song "My Own Dance" is a powerful and freeing pop song that can help you feel confident and express yourself in your pole dancing routines.

The song's hooks, beats, and production create a happy and empowering mood, perfect for dynamic and engaging pole dancing performances.

Its up-tempo nature encourages smooth movements, cool transitions, and expressive choreography, letting you show off your unique style and personality.

Kesha is known for her support for self-expression and body positivity. This makes "My Own Dance" a great choice for a pole dancing playlist.

21. "Streets" by Doja Cat

The smooth and catchy R&B melody of "Streets" will make you feel sexy and confident. 

The mesmerizing vocals, atmospheric production, and subtle instrumentation create a cozy and alluring atmosphere, perfect for a seductive pole dancing performance.

Its lyrics are about desire, intimacy, and the excitement of a new connection. 

Also, some dancers have shared some pole dance steps for this song.

22. "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People 

"Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People is a fun and upbeat song that can add energy and excitement to your pole dancing playlist.

This song has a catchy melody and a driving rhythm that are perfect for dancing. 

Its lyrics have a dark meaning, but the overall sound of the song is positive and uplifting.

You can add depth and interest to your pole dancing routine by using this song because it has a catchy melody and a deeper meaning.

23. "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Pink

Lady Marmalade is a catchy pop, R&B, and soul song by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Pink.

It's a great choice for pole dancing playlists because of its upbeat tempo, groovy beats, and powerful vocals.

The song's lyrics celebrate femininity, empowerment, and sensuality, which can boost confidence and create a captivating and empowering performance for pole dancers.

24. "I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5

The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" is a classic Motown song that can make your pole dancing playlist more fun and nostalgic.

Its catchy melody and upbeat tempo make it easy to dance to. The Jackson 5's harmonies and energetic instrumentation create a lively ambiance. 

The lyrics, which express a desire to get back together with a loved one, can add a playful and flirty touch to your routine. 

This can help you show off your charisma and stage presence.

25. "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake, Timbaland 

"SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake is a seductive and high-energy pop song that can make your pole dancing playlist more exciting and confident

The song's melody is sleek and stylish, with Justin Timberlake's smooth vocals and edgy production. 

This creates a sensual and captivating atmosphere, and the rhythm is perfect for pole dancing

Its lyrics celebrate sexuality and self-assurance, which aligns well with the expressive and seductive aspects of pole dancing.

These songs are great for pole dancing. They have sexy beats, lyrics, and singing. Whether you have been pole dancing for a long time or you are just starting out, these songs will make you feel good and help you dance wild.