Best $uicideboy$ Songs

Updated on April 29, 2024

Suicideboys are an iconic hip-hop duo that have carved a niche for themselves in the genre with their unique and darkly evocative music.

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, this duo consisting of Ruby da Cherry and $crim has garnered a huge fan following for their edgy lyrics, haunting beats, and exploration of themes often considered taboo in mainstream music.

In this article, we delve into the world of Suicideboys to examine their best tracks, highlighting those that resonated with audiences the most and reflected their signature style.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or just curious to explore their music, this guide will help you discover the exceptional works of this unconventional and mysterious duo.

1. "Paris" (2015)

Album: Now The Moon's Rising

Producer: Budd Dwyer

"Paris" is a breakout hit from $UICIDEBOY$'s 2016 mixtape "Grey Sheep II". The track features a hard-hitting, trap-influenced beat with an infectious rhythm and a memorable hook. Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth deliver energetic, aggressive verses detailing their rise to fame and the associated struggles. Ruby da Cherry's lyrics, "Don't be afraid to catch feels, ride drop top and chase thrills, I know you ain't afraid to pop pills," resonate with the high-energy theme.

The chorus, with the iconic line "Bitch, I'm Paris Hilton, I'm ballin' like I'm coming off of a pill," is a fan favorite. "Paris" stands as one of $UICIDEBOY$'s most popular tracks, showcasing their ability to create infectious, high-energy music that resonates worldwide.

Musically, it's one of their hardest-hitting songs, characterized by powerful triplets and hisses that make it as addictive as the themes they explore.

2. "Kill Yourself (Part III)" (2014)

Album: The Budd Dwyer Saga

Producer: Budd Dwyer

"Kill Yourself (Part III)" is a song by Suicideboys, known for its haunting and introspective lyrics. In this track, the duo explores themes of depression, self-destructive thoughts, and the dark side of fame. The song's sad and melodic beat provides the backdrop for emotional verses where Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth openly discuss their struggles with mental health. It's a deeply reflective and poignant piece that delves into the inner turmoil many individuals face.

"Kill Yourself (Part III)" is part of a series of songs that address these heavy subjects with raw honesty, making it a powerful and emotionally charged track in Suicideboys' repertoire.

3. "Mount Sinai" (2015)

Album: High Tide In The Snake's Nest

Producer: Budd Dwyer

"Mount Sinai" is a song by Suicideboys known for its eerie and atmospheric production. In this track, the duo explores themes of temptation, sin, and the consequences of their actions. The song's haunting beat and cryptic lyrics create foreboding as Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth delve into the idea of facing their demons.

"Mount Sinai" is a dark and introspective piece that invites listeners to reflect on the moral complexity of their choices and the importance of past actions. It's a thought-provoking addition to Suicideboys' repertoire.

4. "New Chains, Same Shackles" (2017)


Producer: Budd Dwyer

"New Chains, Same Shackles" is a unique track that starts with a Dilbert sample, exploring the idea that wealth doesn't solve life's problems. The title represents their rise in fame and financial success ("New Chains") juxtaposed with ongoing issues like addiction and depression ("Same Shackles").

This highlights the paradox of achieving success while still grappling with personal demons. Suicideboys acknowledge that even with their unconventional lifestyle, mental health struggles are universal, as depicted in lyrics like "I can't recall why I'm suffocating, my lungs are failing."

5. "LTE" (2015)


Producer: Budd Dwyer

"LTE" is a high-energy track by Suicideboys, known for its aggressive style, delving into themes of success, hedonism, and the dark side of fame, with the title standing for "Love the Enemy." The song showcases their ability to create impactful music with a dark twist.

The beat change at the end, marked by a dead phone line sound, is mind-blowing. From their 2015 mixtape, YUNGDEATHLILLIFE, it embodies their earlier work with dynamic verses, tight flows, and unconventional production.

The mixtape cover features a childhood picture of the cousins, likely around 4 and 5 years old, exuding carefree vibes as if on a forest adventure with stick swords and animal-themed pajamas. It reflects their destined path to greatness.

6. "O Pana!" (2016)

Producer: Budd Dwyer

"O Pana!" is a Suicideboys song that delves into drug use and addiction. Its title refers to the narcotic oxymorphone, but it also pays homage to Walt Whitman's poem through its spelling. Featured on their Eternal Grey mixtape, it quickly gained recognition as one of the best Suicideboys songs.

The track is notable for its heavy and dark beat, which complements its serious lyrical content. While initially created by $crim, the beat draws heavy inspiration from Lil Ugly Mane, known for using a similar sound in many of his tracks.

"O Pana!" is a frenetic and raw piece that showcases Suicideboys' ability to create music that captures the intensity and unpredictability of their lifestyle.

7. "My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames from Hell" (2015)

Album: I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel

Producer: Budd Dwyer

"My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames from Hell" is a song by Suicideboys, known for its intense and aggressive style. In this track, the duo confronts their imperfections and inner demons. The title vividly depicts the torment they feel, as if their flaws are scorching them like hellfire.

The song features a dark and relentless beat, with Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth delivering passionate and raw verses about their struggles and self-perceived flaws. It's a powerful and introspective piece that delves into the darker aspects of their lives and psyches.

8. "Carrollton" (2015)

Album: I Want to Die in New Orleans

Producer: Budd Dwyer

"Carrollton" is a dark and moody track from Suicideboys' 2015 mixtape, "I Want to Die in New Orleans". The song's title possibly refers to a neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they are from. The song explores themes of addiction, depression, and the pressures of fame, with Ruby da Cherry defiantly proclaiming, "Bitch, I'm going out with a bang, with my middle finger up".

In this track, the duo reflects on their personal experiences, including drug use and the darker aspects of their lives. It features a haunting, atmospheric beat with a sparse arrangement that allows Ruby da Cherry and $lick $loth's vocals to shine. "Carrollton" is a raw and emotional piece that delves into the complexities of their lives, offering listeners a glimpse into their world.

9. "For the Last Time" (2017)

Album: KILL YOURSELF Part XX: The Infinity Saga

Producer: Budd Dwyer

"For the Last Time" song is known for its intense and aggressive style. In this track Suicideboys delivers high-energy verses over a hard-hitting beat, exploring themes of despair, addiction, and the chaos of their lives.

The song's title, "For the Last Time", suggests a sense of finality and frustration with repeating patterns. The tension created by the unsettling beat stands out, making this one of Suicideboys' best songs. Combined with their amazing vocals, it becomes a true classic that captures the essence of their music.

10. "Champion of Death" (2016)

Album: Radical $Uicide

Producer: Budd Dwyer, Getter

Champion of Death is a fast and relentless track clocking in at under two minutes. Despite its brevity, it showcases incredible flow and a great beat. The duo's rapping here brings their vocal talents to the tune, adding to the charm of the song.

Like many of their works, it touches on many social issues, including money and crime. They manage to pack a lot of great lines into this short amount of time, making it a powerful and impressive production.

11. "My Scars Are Like Evidence Being Mailed to the Judge" (2015)

Album: I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel

Producer: Budd Dwyer

"My Scars Are Like Evidence Being Mailed to the Judge" is a song by Suicideboys, known for its dark and intense style. On this track, the duo delivers aggressive verses over a haunting beat, exploring themes of pain, struggle and the scars they carry as testaments to their experiences.

The song's title vividly conveys the idea that their scars are a record of their past, much like evidence in a legal case. It's a raw and introspective piece that delves into the darker aspects of their lives and emotions, painting a vivid picture of their inner turmoil.

All in all, Suicideboys have consistently delivered a unique and captivating blend of dark and intense music throughout their career. Their songs reflect their raw emotions, touching on the themes of addiction, depression and chaotic life.

From smash hits like "Paris" to introspective tracks like "Carrollton", their discography offers listeners a wide range of experiences. Their ability to craft powerful and thought-provoking music has garnered them a dedicated fanbase and solidified their place as some of the most influential artists in the underground scene.

As Suicideboys continue to push boundaries and challenge convention, they undoubtedly remain a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop world and beyond.