27 Energizing Running Songs to Power Your Playlist

By Suzy
Updated on June 4, 2024

Having trouble finding the perfect playlist for your runs? Look no further. We've compiled a list of the 27 best running songs that will keep your energy high and your motivation through the roof. 

1. “All Nighter” by Tiësto 

“All Nighter’ carries Tiësto's signature style: it's designed to keep you moving. 

This song features an energetic beat, catchy synth melodies and a rhythm that gains energy throughout the song.

It might not have deep, thought-provoking lyrics since the focus is on the beat and the vibe.

It's a great choice for a running playlist, because it's all about endurance and keeping up the pace.

2. “Marathon” by Rush

Rush is a Canadian rock band celebrated for their musical proficiency and complex compositions. 

“Marathon” is a song from their 1985 album “Power Windows” and it showcases their progressive rock roots. 

Lyrically, it uses the metaphor of running a marathon to talk about the challenges and perseverance required in life. 

The melody and instrumentation build gradually, with a rhythmic base that can be uplifting.

It offers that sense of persistence and accomplishment that is so crucial to the long distance runner.

3. “Gonna Fly Now” by Bill Conti

Most famously known as the theme from the movie ‘Rocky,’ “Gonna Fly Now” is a classic. 

Composed by Bill Conti, it's essentially an anthem of triumph and determination. 

Its melody is instantly recognizable and sweeps you up in a rising tide of inspiration.

This song has a bold brass section, driving beat, and stirring strings. 

“Gonna Fly Now” delivers a powerful motivational punch. 

Including it in your running playlist will probably give you that cinematic burst of energy just when you need it to keep you going.

4. “I Feel It Coming” by The Weeknd, Daft Punk

The Weeknd's ‘I Feel It Coming” is a song off his third studio album, “Starboy” released in 2016. 

The song is known for its smooth, R&B sound blended with disco beats, a nod to the '80s pop classics. 

It's upbeat yet soothing with a rhythm that's steady and strong. 

Its melody combines velvety vocals with a laid-back groove, perfect for a run where you want to keep a relaxed but consistent pace. 

The recurring melodic hook and good vibes make it an excellent addition to a running playlist, providing a comfortable feel and a steady beat to keep you moving.

5. “Calm Down” by Rema, Selena Gomez 

The global hit by Nigerian artist Rema featuring Selena Gomez, “Calm Down” merges the infectious rhythms of Afrobeats with melodious pop. 

Its melody is catchy and the rhythm is designed to make you move, making it ideal for injecting energy into your run. 

It is an uplifting song, with lyrics that speak of young love, but with a danceable touch.

For your running collection, this tune is perfect when you need a boost of energy to overcome fatigue.

6. “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyoncé 

Beyoncé's “Run the World (Girls)” is an empowering anthem from her fourth studio album, “4.” 

This song speaks of girl power and self-confidence, with a fast and punchy beat that matches the ferocity of its message.

It employs an aggressive beat with a staccato rhythm and brass elements, which are especially good for high-intensity runs.

Its lyrics are inspiring, delivering a powerful sense of agency and empowerment. 

This track not only keeps you on pace, but actively pushes you to conquer your workout.

7. “Death Bed” by Powfu, beabadoobee

This song, released in 2019 and gaining widespread popularity on TikTok in 2020, samples beabadoobee’s 2017 song “Coffee.”

It blends lo-fi music with hip-hop, showcasing a laid-back melody and a beat that's easy-going. 

The lyrics convey a story of love and loss. But the juxtaposition of the lighthearted melody and profound words grabs listeners.

Its steady beat can offer periods of reflection or cooling down in the midst of a more intense workout.

This song is a good choice for those who appreciate emotional depth in their music, even while on the move.

8. “Intentions" by Justin Bieber, Quavo

Justin Bieber's “Intentions,” featuring Quavo from the hip-hop trio Migos, is a track from Bieber’s 2020 album “Changes.” 

It features a catchy melody and buoyant beat, tailor-made for radio and streaming.

Its lyrics are positive affirmations about a partner, emphasizing good intentions and support.

It is a good addition to a running playlist because of its upbeat mood and infectious beat, which can keep motivation high.

In addition, the pace of “Intentions” can help maintain a brisk pace during a race.

9. “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen 

This classic anthem from 1975 has been a staple of American rock music culture since its release.

Replete with a sense of freedom and the desire to escape, it showcases Springsteen's storytelling prowess.

It features an energetic rhythm, prominent use of electric guitars, a saxophone solo and orchestral arrangements.

A Twitter user found this song on a playlist and immediately got the urge to run and exercise.

“Born to Run” is ideal for the peak of your career, because it's a song that can help you dig deep.

10. “The Business” by Tiësto

This track falls into the genre of EDM and is known for its pulsating beats and hypnotic basslines. 

The melody is catchy and energetic, built around deep house rhythms.

“The Business” composition elements are designed to make you move. 

It is a perfect complement to a running playlist because it has the ability to inject energy into your training.

11. “Till I Collapse” by Eminem 

Released on the 2002 album “The Eminem Show”, this is a song by the famous rapper Eminem.

The track showcases a strong, consistent rhythm and is built around a sample from Queen's “We Will Rock You.”

The lyrics are personal and filled with determination, talking about perseverance and never giving up no matter the obstacles. 

“Till I Collapse” offers an empowering message that can keep you pushing through even the hardest parts of your workout.

12. “Fill Me In” by Craig David

Craig David brought “Fill Me In” to the charts in 2000. 

This smooth track blends R&B with a UK garage sound.

It has melodic flow and a brisk beat that's perfect for up-tempo movement. 

The pace is steady but not overwhelming, creating a backdrop for the runner without being too intense.

This track can help maintain a good pace while also providing a cool-down vibe for more relaxed parts of the run.

13. “Say So” by Doja Cat

“Say So” became a hit, known for its blend of pop, R&B, and funk with a bit of a retro 70s vibe. 

The melody is catchy, and the beat compels you to move with its disco-esque rhythm. 

Its lyrics deal with the playful side of flirtation and have an easygoing charm.

This song is a good choice for maintaining a positive and energetic mood.

14. “Strangers” Kenya Grace 

This track might be less known than some mainstream music, but it carries an infectious energy. 

The melody is heartfelt with an indie pop-rock sound edged with confidence. 

Its driving beat behind the lyrics makes it motivating. 

The combination of emotive singing and upbeat tempo can help you find a good running rhythm.

“Strangers” is perfect when you need a burst of emotional empowerment to keep your feet moving.

15. “Wake Me Up” by Avicii 

Released in 2013, this song is a fusion of electronic dance music, country, and bluegrass influences.

This cross-genre hit that reached audiences worldwide. 

It's anthemic and was known for its uplifting and soul-stirring qualities.

The melody soars over a propulsive beat, making it ideal for running.

“Wake Me Up” has a rhythmic progression that builds up to the drop, potentially helping you to keep going when you consider slowing down.

16. “Lick It” by Kura

“Lick It” by Kura is a dance track known for its driving beats and electrifying drops.

This track falls under the electro house genre, featuring punchy bass and rhythmic synth patterns that can energize listeners. 

The melody is straightforward, crafted to keep you moving, making it a great motivator. 

It would be a good addition to your running playlist, because it has a great effect when you're pounding the pavement.

17. “Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo 

“Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo is a pop track with an infectious chorus and dance-friendly beats. 

This song features an upbeat tempo with a melody that’s both catchy and singable.

A Twitter user commented “Running while playing Want To Want Me by Jason Derulo it helps me to burn so much fat.”

This proves it has a pumping melody that can keep your spirits high and your feet moving. 

“Want to Want Me” lifts your mood and energy, so it would fit perfectly in a running collection.

18. “Dogs Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine 

“Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine is an indie rock song with powerful vocals and a soaring melody. 

The song begins with a harp and quickly becomes a full, anthemic sound.

It features a percussion that evokes the feeling of moving full speed ahead, like the race itself.

Twitter users claim that this song makes them run. It is also included in multiple running playlists as a classic.

The chorus is particularly energetic and likely to give you a second wind during your workout.

19. “Run” by ATB, Nu Aspect, Orem

This track combines the classic electronic dance music elements of ATB with the fresh touches of Nu Aspect and Orem.

It's a dance track with a high-energy beat and a pulsing rhythm. 

The melody is infectious, upbeat, and designed to keep you moving, making it a great track to propel you through your run. 

Plus, its repetitive beat helps you maintain your momentum and the thematic tie to running. 

“Run” is a great motivational match for your physical run.

20. “Disturbia” by Rihanna

"Disturbia" stands out with its dark, catchy pop and dance elements.

The melody is gripping with a throbbing bassline and synthesized effects, complementing Rihanna's distinctive vocals.

The lyrics depict a mind in distress, capturing a sense of confusion and chaos.

The song's tempo is vigorous and can energize your pace.

The turmoil mentioned in the lyrics can be channeled into a form of emotional release as you run, which is why it might give you an adrenaline rush perfect for an intense workout.

21. “The Box” by Roddy Ricch

“The Box” has a heavy use of bass and hi-hat rolls. 

Roddy Ricch's vocals are melodic, yet edgy, keeping the listener engaged with his rhythmic delivery. 

Its catchy hook and the beat drop are particularly memorable.

This song brings a raw energy that’s perfect for getting in the zone. 

It creates a determined headspace, helping to boost your energy for sprints or uphill challenges.

22. “Roses (Imanbek Remix)” by SAINt JHN

Originally a track with a moderate tempo by rapper SAINt JHN, “Roses” was remixed by Kazakh producer Imanbek.

Imanbek sped up the vocals and added a high-pitched drop, transforming it into a viral dance sensation.

Its house beat and vibrant tempo set an exhilarating mood

This track is perfect when your energy starts to wane during a run and you need a revitalizing boost.

23. “Colorblind” by DEW

“Colorblind” is an indie track with a distinct, crisp melody layered over electronic sounds. 

It's not as fast-paced as the typical dance track but offers a steady rhythm that’s perfect for a cool-down period.

The lyrics speak about not being swayed by appearances.

They can be an empowering message as you focus on your personal well-being. 

Including it in your running playlist can provide a moment of emotional uplift and introspection.

24. “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars 

“Runaway Baby” boasts a dynamic, funky groove reminiscent of old-school rock and R&B. 

Bruno Mars delivers punchy vocals with a playful and confident flair. 

The upbeat tempo and Mars’s energetic delivery are infused with fun.

This song makes running seem less like a chore and more like a spontaneous dance.

It is ideal for giving that extra push towards the end of your run.

25. “Runnin’ Down A Dream” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 

Released in 1989, “Runnin' Down A Dream” is a classic rock anthem that channels the spirit of freedom and ambition. 

Its upbeat tempo and jangling guitars create a driving rhythm that's perfect for running. 

It speaks about chasing dreams against all odds, which can be incredibly motivational when you’re running.

The melody is straightforward with a powerful energy that keeps you moving forward.

This track is infused with a sense of adventure that can inspire you to push your limits while you run.

26. “Pump It” by The Black Eyed Peas 

From their 2005 album “Monkey Business,” “Pump It” is a high-energy track that samples Dick Dale's iconic “Misirlou.” 

It's an energetic fusion of hip-hop and electronic beats. 

The song has a pulsing rhythm and an infectious chorus that encourages listeners to pump up the volume and energy. 

Its lyrics are about energy and excitement, resonating with anyone looking to boost their mood and pace. 

A Twitter user commented “Pump It by Black Eyed Peas is the ultimate running song, you cannot convince me otherwise.”

This proves, it creates a powerful backdrop that keeps your adrenaline high and your feet moving fast during a run.

27. “Toosie Slide” by Drake

Released in 2020, “Toosie Slide” by Drake combines smooth hip-hop beats with a danceable rhythm that’s perfect for a steady running cadence. 

This song quickly gained popularity for its catchy hook and the viral dance challenge it sparked on social media. 

Its melody carries a consistent beat that's easy to lock into while running. 

The lyrics are playful and the dance instructions in the chorus ("Right foot up, left foot slide") can mentally engage runners.

This song serves a fun twist to a workout session. 

Including it in your running playlist can bring a relaxed yet rhythmic vibe that keeps your steps steady whilst enjoying the journey. 

In conclusion, these 27 running songs will make your workouts more intense and keep you motivated mile after mile. With a mix of energetic hits and uplifting tunes, your running playlist will take you to new heights. So lace up your running shoes and let the music propel you through every stride.