Inspire Yourself with 26 Songs About Heroes

Updated on May 1, 2024

This time, we delve into a handpicked collection of songs about heroes that will lift your spirits and leave you inspired.

From timeless classics that have stood the test of time to modern anthems that echo the heroism of today, our song list is a tribute to the individuals who make our world a better place. 

Whether you're a fan of real-life heroes who selflessly serve their communities or you find inspiration in the tales of caped crusaders and mythical figures, this musical adventure is for you.

We'll explore the fascinating stories behind these songs, unraveling the lyrics that paint vivid portraits of heroism, and introduce you to the heroes and superheroes whose extraordinary deeds inspired these musical masterpieces. 

Keep reading, and let the tunes take you on a spellbinding journey through the world of courage and inspiration. 

1. Heroes - David Bowie

We find a love story that defies the odds and is a shining example of heroism. This iconic song is not about capes and superpowers but about two lovers who are determined to be together, even in the face of danger and adversity. 

In the backdrop of the Berlin Wall, a symbol of division and conflict, these everyday heroes meet under the watchful eye of a gun turret, making a powerful statement of their unwavering love.

Their romance, much like the song itself, is an anthem of resilience, bravery, and the indomitable human spirit.

"Heroes" teaches us that heroism comes in many forms. It's about leaping tall buildings in a single bound and the extraordinary courage it takes to love without boundaries. 

2. Espacio Sideral - Jessy and Joy

It takes us on a poetic journey of love that's nothing short of heroic. In this Mexican pop gem, the duo's lyrics express a profound affection, where one person wishes to give the world to their beloved, even the stars in the sky. 

They dream of soaring through the cosmos like Superman and becoming a guardian, ready to shield their loved ones from harm.

This song's concept of heroes and superheroes is woven into the fabric of love itself. While capes and masks are absent, the singer embodies heroism through unwavering commitment.

They're ready to do whatever it takes to ensure the happiness and safety of their beloved.

Jesse & Joy's "Espacio Sideral" reminds us that heroism can be as simple as an unbreakable love and a willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to protect and cherish someone. 

3. Superman - Super Junior

It is a melody that celebrates heroism in the world of K-pop. In this catchy tune, the group recognizes themselves as "supermen," not because of capes and superpowers but because of their extraordinary journeys and achievements. 

The song's lyrics pay a heartfelt tribute to their dedicated fan base, ELF, who have been their unwavering support system.

While the heroes in "Superman" don't wear masks or fly through the sky, they stand as symbols of resilience and success.

Super Junior's story, marked by changes and challenges, is a testament to the power of determination and talent. Their fans, the real heroes of this tale, have supported them throughout their remarkable journey.

In our exploration of songs about heroes, "Superman" is a shining example of how heroism can be found in the music industry.

4. Heroes- Alesso, Tove lo

It is a dance-infused anthem reminding us that we all have hero potential. Inspired by an episode of the TV series "Heroes," the song celebrates the idea that when we stand together, there's no challenge we can't overcome. 

The lyrics tell us that we're not ordinary; we're a different kind of extraordinary. We might not wear capes or have superpowers, but the power to be heroes resides in each of us.

Alesso and Tove Lo invite us to believe in our potential and find our superpower in unity. This song is a testament to the hero within us all in the grand symphony of heroes in music.

5. Hero - Weezer

This rock anthem gives a voice to those who've ever felt like they don't quite meet the hero's standards. Released as part of their fifteenth studio album, 'Van Weezer,' this song dives into the emotions of Rivers Cuomo, the band's frontman, who expresses his feelings of not quite fitting in. 

'Hero' is an ode to the stay-at-home dreamers, the essential workers, and everyone who's ever felt like they didn't meet society's hero expectations.

'Hero' invites us to embrace our quirks and differences, reminding us that we can be heroes in our own way. It's a tribute to those who shine brightly, even when they don't fit the conventional hero mold.

6. Hero’s Come Back - Nobodyknows+

It is a song that reminds us of the power of determination and never giving up. This Japanese hip-hop anthem, known for its association with Naruto: Shippūden, encourages us to rise and celebrate like heroes. 

Its lyrics inspire us to face challenges head-on, fight with all our might, and savor our victories with pride. This song aligns perfectly with Naruto's journey in the world of heroes and superheroes. This young ninja dreams of becoming a Hokage. It's a tale of relentless spirit and unwavering commitment.

7. Hero - Chad Kroeger, Josey Scott

"Hero," the song that brought together Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and Josey Scott of Saliva, isn't your typical tune; it's a superhero's anthem.

Created for the Spider-Man movie in 2002, the song echoes the spirit of Spider-Man himself, urging us to take matters into our own hands. It's a call to action, inspiring us to be heroes and not wait for someone else to save the day.

This song isn't just catchy; It marked Chad Kroeger's debut as a solo artist and offers two versions—one with a powerful orchestral backdrop and one without.

"Hero" reminds us that we all have the potential for heroism within us, and sometimes, we just need the fitting anthem to bring it out.

8. Super Human - NCT127

Is another  K-pop banger that is an invitation to unlock your inner hero. Released as the lead single from their "We Are Superhuman" EP, this song's lyrics carry a powerful message about embracing your unique abilities and breaking free from the ordinary.

It encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, face your true self, and recognize your potential to be superhuman.

While the song doesn't mention specific superheroes, it aligns perfectly with the idea that each of us can be extraordinary. It's a reminder that, like in superhero stories, even regular folks can discover their unique powers and use them for the greater good.

Created by talented producers and performed on top-tier shows like Good Morning America and The Late Late Show with James Corden, "Superhuman" is a musical journey that calls you to be your own hero, one electrifying beat at a time. 

9. Hero - Alan Walker, Sasha Alex

Released in 2023, it delves into themes of longing and needing someone to rescue us. It's about recognizing the important people who bring light and resilience to our world—our unsung heroes.

The lyrics convey a sense of familiarity as if we've been in this situation before, and they encourage us to embrace our inner heroes, live openly, and love deeply. 

The song has garnered millions of views on YouTube, spent weeks on the charts, and is a testament to the power of music to inspire and uplift.

It is a genuine tribute to the everyday heroes in our lives and a reminder that heroism is about the love and light we bring to the world. 

10. Hero - Skillet

This one is a powerful message about our need for heroes in life. Released as the first single from their album "Awake" in 2009, this song speaks to the challenges we face and the hope we find in heroes. 

The lyrics highlight the ultimate hero, Jesus Christ, and the importance of overcoming difficulties. Frontman John Cooper wrote the song when he was concerned about who his children would look up to, inspired by a need for trustworthy heroes. 

"Hero" has made its mark in various ways, from featured in NFL games and WWE events to film trailers. With a music video directed by the Erwin Brothers and certifications like 3× Platinum, "Hero" reminds us that heroes come in many forms, and sometimes, they're the ones who inspire us to be better.

11. Super Heroes- Beret con Mr. Rain

Released by Spanish singer-songwriter Beret and Italian rapper Mr. Rain in 2023, this track celebrates the idea that we don't have to face life's struggles alone.

Its lyrics beautifully convey that we're like angels with broken wings, finding our strength when we stand together. 

The song encourages us to join hands and embrace our inner superheroes because together, we become invincible.

It resonates with the concept that each one of us has the potential to be extraordinary. This theme aligns perfectly with the narratives of superheroes, where everyday individuals discover their unique abilities and use them for good.

12. Hero - Mariah Carey

An anthem of self-belief and empowerment Released in 1993 as part of her album "Music Box," this song encourages us to be our own heroes. 

Mariah's lyrics remind us that we don't always need someone else to save the day – we can find strength within ourselves.

It's a message of self-empowerment, telling us to depend on our inner resilience and look up to ourselves as role models.

This song carries the universal theme that we all have the potential for greatness. This concept aligns with the narratives of superheroes, where ordinary individuals discover their unique abilities and use them for the greater good.

13. Heroe Favorito- Romeo Santos

Released as the lead single from Santos' album "Golden," the lyrics are brimming with references to iconic superheroes like The Incredible Hulk, Superman, and Batman.

These references convey Santos' yearning for a love that mirrors these legendary characters' unwavering support and heroism.

It captures the essence of searching for a partner who can be your hero, offering unwavering support through life's twists and turns.

 Santos even collaborated with Marvel Custom, adding a unique superhero touch to the single's artwork. The music video, released on Valentine's Day in 2017, added charm to this delightful fusion of superheroes and love.

14. Hero - Monsta X

Released as part of their "Rush" EP in 2015 and later as their debut Japanese single, this track explores safeguarding someone special from unwanted attention and admirers. 

It vividly conveys the idea of being a hero, akin to a knight protecting a princess, emphasizing the beauty and vulnerability of the person they're addressing.

Monsta X assures their listeners that they're there to lend a helping hand and shield them from life's troubles.

The music video's rooftop setting adds a unique visual flair to the song's memorable impact. While it may not be Monsta X's best-selling track, "Hero" shines for its compelling lyrics and enduring music video. 

15. Zero to Hero - Hercules

Is a vibrant and catchy song from Disney's Hercules that brings the hero's journey to life. Composed by Alan Menken and penned by David Zippel, this lively tune is performed by the soulful voices of the Muses. 

It's all about celebrating Hercules' ascent to stardom.

The lyrics vividly portray Hercules becoming a sensation with his face on various merchandise, adoring fans, and even leaving his mark in the star promenade. As Hades tries to throw obstacles in his way, Hercules stands strong.

This song perfectly encapsulates the hero's rise from obscurity to fame, and it's closely tied to the character of Hercules, who, in Greek mythology, is celebrated as a heroic figure.

The gospel style of the song, chosen by the film's directors, adds a divine touch to Hercules' extraordinary journey. 

16. Yours - Jesse McCartney

it's a heartfelt reflection on life and love. Released as part of his album "New Stage," this romantic tune explores the various stages of McCartney's life, including his days as a heartthrob in the music industry. 

But the most cherished role he embraces is being "Yours" to his partner. While "Yours" doesn't directly tie to superheroes, it embodies the idea that everyone has the potential for greatness and extraordinary love. 

This theme resonates with the narratives of superheroes who discover their unique abilities and use them for good.

What makes "Yours" even more interesting is its timely video, filmed just before the nationwide quarantine began, with McCartney and his partner adding a fun twist through their "The Quarantined Couple" Instagram bits. 

17. Iron Man - Black Sabbath

This epic track narrates the tale of a man who embarks on a journey into the future, witnessing an impending apocalypse. When he returns to Earth to warn the populace, he goes through a magnetic storm, transforming into iron and losing his ability to speak.

His desperate attempts to forewarn humanity are met with ridicule, leading to his transformation into the very source of destruction he sought to prevent.

Surprisingly, despite the song's title, "Iron Man" is unrelated to the superhero, as it predates the character's rise to fame. Instead, the song tells the story of a man rejected by society who becomes a tragic supervillain.

This classic heavy metal anthem is celebrated for its unforgettable opening riff and has left an indelible mark on music. "Iron Man" made its mark in pop culture, featuring prominently in the 2008 film "Iron Man," as the character triumphantly declares, "I am Iron Man.

18. Something Just Like This - Coldplay

 It is a fantastic musical blend of The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, and it's all about celebrating love in its most ordinary yet beautiful form. 

This hit song from 2017 reminds us that love doesn't have to be perfect to be special. It's a song for all those who dream of being a hero or someone extraordinary in their loved one's eyes. 

While the title might suggest a superhero theme, it's about the simplicity of love and how everyone deserves a special connection.

It captures the essence of personal growth and self-discovery, much like what we see in superhero stories. 

19. Super Girl - Super Junior M

Super Girl" by Super Junior-M is a catchy tune with a meaningful message about self-worth and letting go of toxic relationships.

In the song, a man encourages his "super girl" to forget the people who have hurt her and recognize her own positive qualities. 

He vows to cherish her as his special supergirl. However, in the song's second part, the lyrics reveal another man pursuing the super girl, cautioning her to be wary and not trust him to avoid getting hurt again. 

This hit made its mark on Hit FM Taiwan's chart. 

20. Flash - Queen

It's the theme song for the 1980 film Flash Gordon. This upbeat tune, written by Brian May, pays homage to the comic-book character Flash Gordon.

In the movie, Flash Gordon is the hero, using his strength and courage to protect others, and the song reflects this heroism. 

The song perfectly captures the fun and adventurous spirit of the movie, with snippets of dialogue from the film included in the song. 

You can even hear the iconic line, "Gordon’s alive!" delivered by actor Brian Blessed. 

Queen's approach to the soundtrack album, incorporating dialogue and effects, has influenced how soundtrack albums are created today. It's a rock 'n' roll anthem that continues to shine brightly.

21. Heroe - Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias serenades a lover in the song, expressing his feelings and questioning whether his love is reciprocated.

The lyrics position both the singer and his beloved as each other's emotional saviors, highlighting the idea that in love, we can all be heroes.

This theme aligns with many superhero narratives where ordinary individuals discover and use their unique abilities for good.

This song has become one of Enrique Iglesias' best-selling singles. It is a song that Speaks of love and the desire to be a hero for someone special.

22. My Hero - Foo Fighters

The song, written by Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, and Pat Smear, reflects on the concept of heroes. It's not about superheroes in capes but the everyday people who do remarkable things.

The lyrics convey that heroes can be found in ordinary individuals who perform extraordinary acts of kindness and courage.

While some listeners assumed the song was about Kurt Cobain, Grohl clarified that it's a tribute to the everyday heroes he looked up to, not necessarily famous or successful people.

The song's essence is simple yet powerful – you don't need fame or wealth to be a hero; anyone can make a positive impact.

This iconic Foo Fighters track has resonated with many and is considered one of the band's best songs. 

23. Hero - Christopher Wilde, Stubby

It is a heartwarming song released in 2010 in the Disney Channel film Starstruck. The song lyrics are all about a man's desire to become a hero for his beloved. 

It captures the universal longing many young men feel to be someone extraordinary in the eyes of the person they love.

The lyrics convey that he is willing to be everything she needs, and if she's the one for him, he'll be her hero, as unstoppable as gravity. This song celebrates the idea that anyone, even an ordinary person with a big heart, can be a hero for someone special in their life.

24. Batdance by Prince

It is a musical masterpiece that took the world by storm as the theme song for the 1989 Batman soundtrack. 

This dynamic track is a musical kaleidoscope, seamlessly blending different styles and incorporating elements from various Prince songs. 

It's like taking a musical journey through creativity. This song isn't just about music; it's also about heroes. "Batdance" is closely tied to Batman, the iconic hero known for his strength and courage.

The music video, featuring dancers in Batman and Joker costumes, adds a visual layer to the song. Prince, in his enigmatic persona "Gemini," captivates us with his dual portrayal. 

25. Holding Out For A Hero - Bonnie Tyler

Sung by the powerful Bonnie Tyler, this song became a hit on the soundtrack of the 1984 film Footloose. It later featured on her album, "Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire." 

The song's lyrics resonate with many, evoking longing and hope. "I need a hero, I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night" – these words have transcended their musical origins to symbolize hope and unity. 

The song has been adopted as a rallying cry in various protests and demonstrations, advocating for gender equality and supporting marginalized communities. 

26. Superman - Eminem

Eminem's "Superman" is a track that delves into the complexities of relationships, reflecting on the tumultuous experiences in the rapper's life.

The song explores the rocky connections and fleeting encounters with women and how he navigates these turbulent waters. Eminem hints that the term "Superman" is how some women view him – as a romantic superhero, a knight in shining armor when all he's interested in is brief encounters.

The song highlights people's unrealistic expectations of others, much like how we often admire fictional heroes with extraordinary qualities. 

Final Thoughs

In this captivating journey, we've explored various songs celebrating heroes. These melodies remind us that heroism takes many forms.

Whether it's love defying odds, resilience in the face of challenges, or finding heroism within, these tunes celebrate the extraordinary in us all.

As the final chord resounds, remember that heroism isn't just for caped crusaders; it's in the depths of our hearts. Whether you draw inspiration from mythical superheroes or everyday heroes, let these songs remind us that heroism is a tune we can all sing.

Keep the hero spirit alive! Share these songs with your loved ones, and let the music continue inspiring greatness in us all.