Best Grimes Songs

Updated on June 14, 2024

Grimes, Canadian singer-songwriter, real name is Claire Boucher.

She is a boundary-pushing musician known for her innovative approach to music. With a career spanning genres from electronic and pop to experimental and ethereal.

Grimes has consistently captivated audiences with her distinctive sound and visual music videos. In this article, we delve into the enchanting world of Grimes. We will be exploring the best songs from her extensive discography, which has left an indelible mark on the world of modern music.

From her early lo-fi gems to her more recent pop hits. Join us on this musical journey.

1. "Genesis" (2012)

Album: Visions

Producer: Grimes

"Genesis" is a track from Grimes' third studio album, "Visions".

It showcases her unique fusion of dreamy pop and experimental electronic music. The song features pulsating beats, ethereal vocals, and an unforgettable chorus.

Lyrically, it explores themes of power, violence, and rebellion, with Grimes' vocals growing stronger as the song progresses. "Genesis" marked a breakthrough moment in Grimes' career, gaining critical acclaim beyond pop music.

Album opener "Genesis" initially lures listeners in with a calm, ethereal vibe, then transforms into an experimental pop masterpiece that embodies Grimes' innovative sound.

2. "Oblivion" (2012)

Album: Visions

Producer: Grimes

"Oblivion" is the single from Grimes' third album "Visions".

This song is an introduction to her unique blend of dreamy vocals and electronic soundscapes. The song features Grimes' signature ethereal voice over a pulsating beat and shimmering synths.

Lyrically, it explores themes of empowerment and self-identity, challenging societal norms and expectations. With its infectious melody and memorable chorus, "Oblivion" has become a fan favorite and a highlight of Grimes' live performances.

This is a defining moment in Grimes' career. Blends its experimental roots with a more accessible sound that appeals to indie pop and electronic music enthusiasts.

It shows her ability to bring niche sounds into the mainstream while maintaining an edgy and unique quality.

3. "REALiTi" (2015)

Album: Art Angels

Producer: Grimes

"REALiTi" is a song by Grimes, originally an unreleased track that she later reworked and included on her album "Art Angels."

Notably, this period marked a significant change in her life as she became a mother to her first child, X Æ A-Xii, with entrepreneur Elon Musk. It's interesting to wonder if Musk's influence played into the album's themes, such as the song "REALiTi", which Grimes whimsically claims it's about an AI-lesbian.

"REALiTi" retains Grimes' essential elements of dream pop, experimental electronics, and distinctive high-pitched vocals.

The track showcases layered choruses and unique electronic textures while delving into topical subjects such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

4. "Flesh Without Blood" (2015)

Album: Art Angels

Producer: Grimes

Grimes' "Flesh Without Blood" is a stark fusion pop anthem with 80s pop, new wave, and electronic influences.

The track boasts an infectious melody and driving beats, and Grimes showcases her signature vocals, from breathless whispers to soaring falsetto.

Lyrically, the song explores the complexities of a tumultuous relationship where love and animosity coexist.

5. "Kill V. Maim" (2015)

Album: Art Angels

Producer: Grimes 

"Kill V. Maim" is an eclectic synth-pop track from Grimes' album "Art Angels." It's a chaotic yet catchy song with distorted vocals.

The track explores themes of rebellion and identity. Grimes' boundary-pushing approach to music is evident in the unconventional structure and innovative sounds.

A stand-out from the critically acclaimed Art Angels album, Kill V. Maim is a testament to Grimes' boundary-pushing approach to music.

Bridging underground and mainstream with its unconventional structure and innovative use of sounds and vocal effects.

6. "Venus Fly" (feat. Janelle Monáe) (2015)

Album: Art Angels

Producer: Grimes

"Venus Fly" from Grimes' "Art Angels" album is a testament to her chameleon-like versatility in the music world.

This track, a rare collaboration featuring Janelle Monáe, offers a club-friendly, thundering beat. Janelle's verse is a definite highlight, and the synergy between her and Grimes on the chorus makes for a memorable musical partnership.

The 7-minute journey with a visually stunning music video fueled by high-energy EDM vibes that make you move.

7. "California" (2015)

Album: Art Angels

Producer: Grimes

"California" is a song by Grimes from her album "Art Angels".

It's a pop-oriented track with a catchy chorus and vibrant instrumentation. Lyrically, the song touches on themes of identity and self-discovery, particularly Grimes' feelings about California and her experiences there.

The track combines her unique vocal style with a more accessible pop sound, creating a memorable and infectious tune.

The repeated chorus, sweetly sung as "California", pays tribute to American culture, which is an interesting twist considering the artist is Canadian.

8. "Be a Body" (2012)

Album: Visions

Producer: Grimes

"Be a Body" from Grimes' album Visions. It's a dynamic and intense track, often overlooked but filled with angst and contrasting sweet vocals.

Pulsating video game synths give it high-octane energy, and the breakdown is a standout moment. Grimes excels at creating chilling yet euphoric choruses with her distinctive high-pitched vocals accompanied by IDM-influenced synths and drums.

The song seamlessly transitions between poppy electronic elements and ambient fuzz. It's one of her most compelling "experimental" tracks and a standout in her discography.

9. "Butterfly" (2015)

Album: Art Angels

Producer: Grimes

"Butterfly" is a song by Grimes from her album "Art Angels".

It's a whimsical and dreamy track with subtle melodies and light vocals. The song touches on themes of transformation, freedom, and fragility, with references to the ephemeral nature of a butterfly's life.

"Butterfly" stands out for its ethereal and enchanting sound, offering a moment of serenity within the album's diverse sonic landscape.

"World Princess Part II" (2015)

Album: Art Angels

Producer: Grimes

"World Princess Part II" is a beautiful song from Grimes' album "Art Angels".

Allegedly influenced by the memory of a dear friend who passed away. It shares the album's optimistic, bubblegum-pop sound.

In the music video, Grimes portrays a liberated and playful princess dancing in a castle. Possibly conveying a message of female self-empowerment. The song's catchiness endears it as a potential anthem, even years after its release.

11. "Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)" (2012)

Album: Visions

Producer: Grimes

"Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)" from Grimes' album "Visions" is an ethereal and atmospheric track defined by dreamy melodies and enchanting vocals.

The complex electronic production adds another dimension to the song. It delves into the emotions of longing, patience, and the anticipation of a meaningful connection.

Grimes' haunting and immersive vocals elevate the track into a standout piece. However, this song marks a departure from the album's typical Visions style.

It has slightly crushed drums and unusual bass reminiscent of post-punk and Kraftwerk, but Grimes' angelic voice makes it distinctly hers.

While beautiful, the track gradually takes on an eerie and unsettling tone, particularly in its final moments, leaving a lasting impression.

12. Violence (feat. I_o) (2020)

Album: Miss Anthropocene

Producer: Grimes, I_o

"Violence" by Grimes is a dark and seductive electro-pop track from her album "Miss Anthropocene".

It explores the themes of destructive relationships and the allure of danger with haunting vocals and thought-provoking lyrics.

The song's brooding atmosphere, coupled with catchy melodies, creates a captivating sonic experience.

This track serves as an anthem addressing the consequences of violence in our world, blending political undertones with Grimes' signature groovy beats and ethereal vocals.

13. Shinigami Eyes (2022)

Album: Non-album single

Producer: Grimes, Illangelo

"Shinigami Eyes" is a haunting and atmospheric ballad featuring her ethereal vocals over a sparse piano melody.

It explores themes of mortality and the human condition, addressing the inevitability of death and the quest for life's meaning.

The song's emotional vocals and melancholic melody create a sense of longing and introspection. Showing Grimes' ability to create music that is deeply personal and universally relatable.

14. 4ÆM (2020)

Album: Miss Anthropocene

Producer: Grimes

"4ÆM" from Grimes' 2020 album "Miss Anthropocene" is a mesmerizing fusion of her dreamy pop style with industrial and techno influences.

This fast-paced and ethereal track explores themes of love, mortality, and impending doom with haunting vocals and pulsing synths.

The hypnotic melody and futuristic atmosphere make it stand out on the album. A fan favorite and aptly tied to the cyberpunk aesthetic as the soundtrack for the video game Cyberpunk 2077, released in 2019.

in gaming awards. "4ÆM" represents Grimes' commitment to pushing the boundaries of her music while retaining her distinct style.

15. Rosa (2010)

Album: Geidi Primes

Producer: Grimes

"Rosa" by Grimes in the 2010 album "Geidi Primes", demonstrates her ability to seamlessly blend different genres.

This song combines elements of alt-rock, folk, and a hint of choral singing to create a captivating and sweet composition.

Despite its seemingly sweet surface, the song has a dark undertone, with lyrics like "Vampires in our nights, know / I'm not happy there anymore."

It leaves room for interpretation about its meaning, perhaps hinting at a breakup or a difficult relationship. Originally released in 2010, "Rosa" stands as one of Grimes' earliest and finest works. It differs from the later, more electronic sound and leans towards classic indie rock.

Nevertheless, it already contains the elements that would later define her music: angelic vocals, evocative lyrics and the ability to create a unique atmosphere in each track.

In conclusion, Grimes has consistently pushed the boundaries of music with her unique blend of electronic, pop, and experimental sounds.

From the dreamy melodies of "Oblivion" to the high-octane energy of "Kill V. Maim", her discography is a testament to her innovation and artistry.

Whether you're drawn to her past or her more recent work, Grimes' music continues to captivate and inspire listeners around the world. Her ability to create both catchy and thought-provoking songs cements her status as a truly exceptional artist.