The Best Reggaeton Songs of 2023

Updated on June 14, 2024

If you're a reggaeton fan, you're well aware that 2023 has proven to be an exceptional year for the genre. Both established and emerging artists have been consistently releasing new music, making it an opportune moment to refresh your playlist with the latest and most exciting tracks. 

However, with such a vast selection, choosing where to begin can be challenging. That's precisely why we've compiled a list of our top choices for the best reggaeton songs of 2023 thus far. These tracks encompass everything from irresistible hooks to contagious beats, guaranteeing a lively and enduring party atmosphere. 

So, grab your headphones and prepare to crank up the volume: we're about to unveil this year's most scorching reggaeton hits!

1. Una Noche En Medellín (Remix) by KAROL G, Cris Mj & Ryan Castro

Leading the pack is the 2023 remix of "Una Noche En Medellín," which brings together three prominent figures in the Latin urban scene, demonstrating the collaborative spirit that defines the genre. 

Different artists feature, each bringing their own unique style and flow to the table. Karol G's verse is playful and flirtatious, while Cris MJ's contribution has a more aggressive, streetwise edge. Ryan Castro's hook adds a touch of sensuality, rounding out the song's themes of love, desire, and partying.

This song not only showcases Medellín's vibrant nightlife but also shines a light on its musical talents, further solidifying Medellín's place on the global music map.

2. "Quema" by Ryan Castro, Peso Pluma, SOG

Another standout is "Quema" by Ryan Castro featuring Mexican newcomer Peso Pluma. Released in July 2023, this reggaeton song features an innovative blend of traditional reggaeton elements with modern electronic dance music (EDM) production techniques. 

The song chorus is incredibly catchy and memorable. The hook's repetition and simplicity make it easy to sing along to, even for listeners who don't speak Spanish fluently.

"Quema" gained significant traction on streaming platforms, reaching millions of listeners worldwide. It also debuted at No. 21 on the Hot Latin Songs chart, indicating its widespread popularity and appeal.

3. "Classy 101" by Feid, Young Miko 

Feid's party starter "Clase 101" features Puerto Rican rapper Young Miko. Both Feid and Young Miko delivered strong vocal performances, showcasing their distinct styles and chemistry when it was released in March 2023.

Young Miko delivers the verses with a mix of confident boasts and playful flirting, keeping the listener engaged and making the song appealing to a broad audience.

The use of synths, samples, and effects create a contemporary and futuristic atmosphere, positioning this song firmly in the current musical landscape.

While Feid is known for making romantic reggaeton, here he shows off his ability to get the party started too. Combined with Young Miko's humorous lines, "Clase 101" makes for clever, undeniably fun addition to reggaeton playlists in 2023.

4. "TQG" by KAROL G, Shakira

Our playlist continues with Shakira and Karol G's historic collaboration, "TQG." This hymn, set to debut in early 2023, fuses reggaeton with the Colombian musical heritage of the two superstars.

The verses of this song blend flirtatious banter, passionate declarations, and empowering messages. The lyrics cater to a wide range of listeners, making the song appealing to both club-goers and those looking for a meaningful connection. 

Upon its release, "TQG" became a massive hit, soaring to the top of the US Latin charts and reaching number 7 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song's worldwide recognition is a testament to its widespread appeal and the enduring popularity of reggaeton.

5. "Ella Baila Sola" by Eslabon Armado, Peso Pluma 

Look no farther than "Ella Baila Sola" by Eslabon Armado and Peso Pluma for a more lively and danceable tune. Peso Pluma's buttery voice combines with Eslabon Armado's local Mexican flair for a distinctive blend on their 2023 collaboration.

Its lyrics are deep and universal. The song revolves around an independent and self-assured lady who doesn't need a man to be happy. This message resonates with many individuals, contributing to the song's popularity among both men and women.

The reggaeton song "Ella Baila Sola" is well-crafted and enjoyable, earning its place on your playlist. It's a tune that is sure to bring a smile to your face and get you moving.

6. "ULALA (OOH LA LA) by Myke Towers, Daddy Yankee 

Dropping in early 2023, "ULALA (OOH LA LA)" unites Puerto Rican reggaeton icons Myke Towers and Daddy Yankee for an irresistible party starter. From its cheeky title to slick production, this collaborative single brings some essential flavors to liven up any reggaeton playlist this year.

Pairing these two generations demonstrates reggaeton's longevity while blessing listeners with some masterful riffing. Yankee and Towers trade bars over a syncopated, dancehall-infused reggaeton beat .

The instrumental balances classic dembow with a modern, minimal Latin trap vibe. With its undeniable rhythms and playful lyrics, this single from two Boricua legends deserves a spot on any reggaeton playlist in 2023. 

7. "Chulo pt.2" by Bad Gyal, Tokischa & Young Miko

This song features three artists from different countries (Spain, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico) coming together to create something special. They dropped indecent bars over a stripped-down Dembow beat, sparking controversy across Latin America.

Their brazen celebration of sensuality and money demonstrates reggaeton's continued rebellious ethos. The lyrics are also inclusive, welcoming people of all genders and backgrounds to join the party.

"Chulo pt.2" has gained significant traction on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. The song's popularity has led to numerous dance challenges, covers, and remixes, cementing its status as a viral hit.

8. "Muñekita" by Kali Uchis, El Alfa & JT

For a more melodic side of perreo, Kali Uchis links up with Dominican star El Alfa and JT on "Munekita." They released it in August 2023, and the combination of Kali Uchis' soulful vocals, El Alfa's signature dembow flow, and JT's melodic rap verses creates a truly unique musical experience.

Kali Uchis sings the hook, which is incredibly catchy and memorable. The melody sticks in your head and begs to be sung along to, making it a certified earworm. Also, El Alfa produced the high-energy beat, tailor-made for dancing.

The pulsing rhythm and syncopated percussion create an irresistible groove that's perfect for clubs, parties, or workouts. This Latin collision makes for an irresistible addition to playlists.

9. "Plebada" by El Alfa, Peso Pluma

The Dembow beat produced by rising Mexican talent intertwines with dembow for a pan-regional appeal. Together, El Alfa and Peso Pluma turn up the heat south of the border, making "Plebada" an essential Latin club anthem.

Both El Alfa and Peso Pluma deliver standout vocal performances. El Alfa's signature rapid-fire flow and Peso Pluma's smooth, melodic delivery complement each other perfectly, showcasing their versatility and skill as artists.

"Plebada" has broad appeal, resonating with fans of both traditional reggaeton and newer, experimental takes on the genre. 

10. "A GUGU TATA" by El Alfa, Chael Produciendo 

Released in September 2023, Dominican dembow icon El Alfa and producer Chael Produciendo quickly ignited dance floors across Latin America with "A GUGU TATA." This viral hit, with its absurd lyrics, comedic music video, and infectious beat, brings some essential irreverent energy to playlists in 2023.

The absurdist verses are pure nonsense, meant only to rhyme creatively and match the beat's playful energy. El Alfa sells the silly concept with his signature tongue-twisting flow and animated vocal inflections.

El Alfa and Chael Produciendo distill carefree fun into musical form, yielding one of 2023's most addictive singles so far. It offers some essential comic relief amidst more serious hits.

11. "Amargura" by KAROL G

With its great beat and catchy melody, "Amargura" stands out. The production is top-notch, blending traditional reggaeton elements with more modern sounds. Karol G's vocals shine, delivering the song with heartfelt emotion.

This song explores the pain of heartbreak and the process of moving on. Karol G sings about her efforts to forget her ex-lover while still grappling with the pain.

"Amargura" has received significant airplay on Latin radio stations and streaming platforms, underlining its broad appeal and potential to reach a larger audience.

If you're a fan of reggaeton or Karol G, this track deserves a spot on your playlist.

12. "Podemos Repetirlo" by Don Omar x Chencho Corleone

Puerto Rican reggaeton artists Don Omar and Chencho Corleone joined forces to release "Podemos repetirlo," a provocative track that fuses the old and new sounds of this genre.

The song features original reggaeton rhythms and contemporary urban beats, reflecting Chencho's style. It is complete with sensual lyrics and the unmistakable rhythms that characterize Don Omar's songs, staying true to the artists' distinctive styles.

The song's accessibility makes it a great addition to various playlists, whether you're a seasoned reggaeton listener or just discovering the genre.

13. "El Merengue" by Marshmello, Manuel Turizo

This song smoothly blends traditional merengue beats with contemporary dance music elements, creating a fresh and distinctive listening experience. "El Merengue" stands out in the genre thanks to this creative fusion.

The hooks in the chorus and lyrics are so memorable that they will stick in your head for days. The song's chant-along style makes it perfect for singing along at live concerts or enjoying it with friends.

This song transcends linguistic boundaries and appeals to a broad spectrum of audiences by merging merengue with EDM.

14. "La Bebe" by Yng Lvcas, Peso Pluma

Released in 2023, "La Bebe" brought together Mexican artists Yng Lvcas and Peso Pluma to create an irresistibly smooth perreo anthem. Its catchiness and relatability have turned it into a viral sensation, solidifying its place in pop culture history.

The instrumental takes a minimalist approach, focusing on subtle synths, snappy percussion, and a pulsing bassline that creates a hypnotic atmosphere. Its mixing and mastering are also well-executed, giving the song a polished finish.

Despite its early 2023 release, "La Bebe" shows no signs of slowing down. The song continues to gain momentum, with its catchy melody and emotional resonance maintaining a strong hold on listeners.

15. "Beso" by ROSALÍA, Rauw Alejandro 

The song "Beso" expresses the passionate love and desire between two individuals. Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro share an evident chemistry, delivering flawless vocal harmonies and energizing performances during their concerts.

The melody of this song is not only catchy but also easy to sing along to. Its adaptability allows it to be incorporated into a wide range of musical genres. Furthermore, the lyrics are both passionate and sensual.

The song's unique fusion of pop, flamenco, and reggaeton creates a fresh and exciting sound. This fusion of styles gives the song a new and invigorating tone, making it perfect for dancing and uplifting your spirits.

16. "Qlona" by Karol G & Peso Pluma

This song, which Karol G and Peso Pluma released in August 2023, features two of the biggest names in the genre. It has become a hit with both fans and critics, amassing over 100 million streams on Spotify.

The lyrics of "Qlona" exude empowerment and confidence. Karol G's message revolves around being a strong and independent woman, while also encouraging her listeners to embrace their own unique beauty and power.

"Qlona" boasts an overall vibe that is fun, flirty, and confident. It serves as the perfect song to listen to when you want to boost your mood and dance the night away.

17. "LaLa" by Myke Towers

"LaLa" by Mike Towers has become a global hit, claiming the top spot on the charts in numerous countries worldwide. The song's melody instantly engraves itself in your memory, lingering after just one listen. 

The beat is irresistibly danceable, compelling you to move. Its lyrics capture the thrill and ardor of a new relationship, striking a chord with anyone who has experienced the fluttering butterflies of love.

Myke Towers' distinctive style and flow shine brightly in "LaLa." He showcases a range of vocal techniques, encompassing rap, singing, and chanting, all delivered with confidence and swagger.

18. "WHERE SHE GOES" by Bad Bunny 

"WHERE SHE GOES" stands out as one of the most popular reggaeton songs of 2023, amassing over 400 million streams on Spotify and a music video with more than 100 million views.

It skillfully merges elements of reggaeton, dembow, and Jersey club, resulting in a fresh and innovative musical experience. Bad Bunny takes the lead, singing about a girl who has captured his thoughts, leaving him pondering where she disappears to and whether their paths will cross again.

This reggaeton track promises to delight a diverse range of listeners with its catchy, infectious, and distinctive sound.

19. "Yandel 150" by Yandel, Feid

"Yandel 150" skillfully fuses the classic reggaeton sound of the early 2000s with contemporary production techniques and styles. The result is a refreshing throwback with a modern twist that captures the attention of both long-time and new fans of the genre.

Both Yandel and Feid contribute impressive verses, demonstrating their lyrical prowess. They showcase clever wordplay, inventive rhymes, and storytelling skills, enriching the song's depth and complexity.

This song garnered enthusiastic responses from fans and critics, achieving a peak position at number 6 on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart and attaining multi-platinum status. Such widespread recognition and acclaim firmly establish the song as one of the standout reggaeton tracks of 2023.

20. "X SI VOLVEMOS" by KAROL G, Romeo Santos 

"X Si Volvemos" skillfully merges traditional reggaeton with bachata, crafting a fresh and thrilling sound. This genre fusion yields a vibrant and infectious rhythm that distinguishes the song from others in its category.

Romeo Santos' deep voice and Karol G's beautiful vocals come together to craft an incredibly memorable chorus. Their seamless vocal harmonies result in a song that embeds itself in your mind, rendering it a fantastic addition to your playlist.

"X Si Volvemos" signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of Latin music, as it blends two cherished genres and expands the boundaries of what's achievable in reggaeton. Its success has paved the way for future collaborations and experimentation within the genre.

21. "Escándalo" by Ñengo Flow 

"Escándalo" marks the culmination of our list and stands as a representation of the current state of reggaeton and Latin music. The song illustrates the richness of Latin America's cultural heritage by seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary elements, showcasing the evolution and diversity of the genre.

Ñengo Flow's signature rapid-fire flow and melodious delivery infuse the chorus of this song with incredible catchiness and memorability, making it challenging to forget. 

Simple yet potent, the hook will linger in your mind long after the song ends. Following its release, "Escándalo" swiftly ascended the charts and accumulated millions of views on YouTube and various streaming platforms.

The women of reggaeton also shine bright in 2023. Dominican rising star Tokischa joined Spanish sensation Rosalía for the sensual "Linda," while Tokischa and Bad Gyal keep it raw on their feminist anthem "Chulopt2." Reggaetoneras like Ivy Queen blazed this trail long ago, and women continue claiming their rightful place in the genre. 

While this playlist could go on endlessly, one final standout is Myke Towers. The Puerto Rican rapper shows off new dimensions on "La Luz," getting vulnerable about mental health and relationships. His willingness to speak openly resonates deeply with young reggaeton fans.

These songs represent just a few examples of the many great reggaeton hits that artists have released in 2023. Whether you're seeking something to dance to or simply want to infuse some Latin flavor into your playlist, these songs are guaranteed to get you grooving.

With its pulsating dembow beats and compelling verses, this collection ensures that the perreo keeps going without interruption in 2023. The genre continues to evolve in terms of sound, with new stars emerging and established icons reaffirming their status. One thing is undeniable: with tracks of this caliber, reggaeton will persist in dominating the global music scene.